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Friday, February 26, 2016

Could Orlando Anderson Have Been the Murderer of Tupac Shakur?

The recent highly publicized theory that Orlando Anderson and Keefy-D are the shooters of Tupac Shakur and Suge Knight on September 7, 1996  has many fatal flaws. Let's examine some of them.

The theory goes that Orlando Anderson was mad because he got beat down by Tupac and the crew so he contacted his uncle and they rolled in a white Cadillac and shot Tupac and Suge a couple of hours later while the entourage is making their way to Club 662. (Never mind that the fight was staged - see video below.)

Orlando Anderson is escorted away by Reggie Wright Jr. at 8:55 P.M. Tupac was shot at 11:15 P.M. That means that Orlando Anderson must depart from his meeting with Reggie Wright Jr., meet up with his uncle - Keefy-D, find the entourage, and figure out which car Tupac is traveling in, and shoot Tupac Shakur and Suge Knight. Is that even possible on a fight night in Las Vegas?

Two hours and twenty minutes isn't much time to carry all of this out. Just finding his uncle could have taken an hour, and finding Tupac and figuring out which car he was in would be impossible without radios and spotters that require a tremendous amount of planning. According to the theory that has Orlando Anderson pulling the trigger, there was no planning.

Have you ever been on the Vegas Strip in traffic during fight night? The cars are bumper to bumper. The intersection where the hit was carried out was right on the edge of the traffic where the shooters could get away and that implies a high degree of planning. Orlando Anderson being detained by security makes it highly unlikely that he could hook back up with his uncle and the entourage... unless Reggie Wright Jr. helped him hook back up with them. But there are other problems with this even if Orlando had help.

Cathy Scott talks about Orlando Anderson being badly beaten in the scuffle and in no condition to retaliate. Watch the MGM surveillance tape again. How many blows does Anderson sustain? Tupac talked about Tyson landing 50 punches. In about the same amount of time, Orlando Anderson is punched and kicked by multiple people. Was he in any condition to plan a hit with his uncle? Corey Edwards says Orlando seemed OK after the scuffle.

Corey Edwards runs into Orlando Anderson at the bar before news of Tupac being shot had reached them. There were many others there that could verify this including a professional basketball player. That news travelled fast in these circles as everybody in the cars following Tupac had cell phones and they burned up the telephone lines with news of the shooting. So in between the scuffle and the shooting, Orlando Anderson was seen in the bar. Corey Edwards hears later about Tupac being shot.

Orlando Anderson makes the statement that he adjourned to his room. Both of these statements are easily verifiable. Las Vegas has an eye in the sky everywhere... Las Vegas Police verify this easily and have no interest in Orlando Anderson as Tupac's shooter when offered up by the Corrupt Compton Police.

As for the Keefy-D confession obtained in exchange for a proffer deal that was illegally recorded, Keefy-D would have said anything to get out of a potential prison sentence. The confession is coerced as Keefy-D has stated. According to a recently interviewed former Assistant United States Attorney, "FBI Profer deals are never recorded." This would violate the interviewee’s Fifth Amendment Rights. So if the taped recorded interview was indeed recorded it was done so without permission of the Federal Government and in violation of the rights of Keefy-D. Just the type of behavior you would expect from a corrupt cop that was caught altering witness testimony.

Keffy-D has a reputation for making up stories. Darnell Brim was recorded by J. Gollaz and T. Bracia of LAPD as saying about Keefy-D, "He likes to talk a lot. He keeps stuff going; like hearsay stuff. Like when my homeboy Lee got killed he was saying that he saw what happened including that he seen my car driving away from the shooting. He was saying that I was the guy who shot Lee. When he found out that. I was locked down. He changed his story and said that it was someone who looked like me. He keeps a lot of stuff going like girls do. I asked him about it when I got out of jail. He said something like, 'you know what's going on, you don't like us and we don't like you, just keep it like that.'"

Now think of one of the most fatal flaws in this theory: the fact that Michael Moore heard, "got-em" come over Former Compton Cop and head of Death Row Security, Reggie Wright Jr.'s radio that night at the time of the shooting. That means someone was watching and reporting on a radio and that indicates a high degree of planning. That fully refutes the theory that Orlando Anderson pulled the trigger that night.

Compton Police arrested Anderson with the full expectation that he would be charged with the murder of Tupac Shakur. He was offered up to Las Vegas Police but because they knew he wasn't the shooter as his alibi checked out, he was never charged, tried, or convicted of the murder of Tupac Shakur.

You can read more about this in Chaos Merchants and Tupac:187 - Russell Poole's final words on the murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls before his tragic death meeting with Sheriff's about the cases.

Chaos Merchants
By Michael Douglas Carlin and Russell Poole with Foreword by RJ Bond

By RJ Bond and Michael Douglas Carlin with contribution by Russell Poole

© 2016 Michael Douglas Carlin. All Rights Reserved.

No Reprints allowed unless permission is granted in writing.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Frank Alexander's Secret Tape Recordings in the Aftermath of Tupac's Murder

By Michael Douglas Carlin

In his book, "Got Your Back," Frank Alexander says, "I began keeping a tape recorder next to the phone. I recorded dozens and dozens of conversations, with Reggie, Death Row attorneys David Kenner and Milton Grimes, Detective Brent Becker from Las Vegas, as well as other members of security."

I have listened to some of those recordings. They paint a much different picture of the atmosphere at Death Row Records in the aftermath of the murder. Suge Knight was fighting for his freedom in probation hearings. There is a very telling conversation between Frank and David Kenner that shows the deck is stacked against Suge Knight. Kenner tells of a police report entered into evidence by Compton Police where Frank says Suge was kicking Orlando Anderson. Frank, according to the report as read by Kenner, is also providing all of the names of the participants that night. Frank denies having ever spoken to Compton Police and also denies having ever said these things about who was involved in the scuffle.

In "Got Your Back," Frank wrote, "Kenner was reading one lie after another. Not the lie about the chain, but an entire report filled with things I did not say. It was said I named names of those involved in the fight at the MGM. It said I gave the police their gang affiliations. I don't even know the real names of Suge's homeboys, nor would I give two shits about their gang affiliations. He kept reading me lies."

Keep in mind that Kenner said, "the report I am reading came from Compton PD."

Frank Alexander again writes, "We hung up the phone. I had this sinking feeling. I didn't understand what has happening."

There are many other telephone conversations that warn Frank not to get subpoenaed to testify in the hearing. Frank's life is threatened. Finally there is a conversation with Norris Anderson where it is relayed to Frank that Suge is cool with him and that he doesn't need to worry.

There is a wholesale manipulation of testimony that is painted by the tapes. Frank is asked to tell lies on the witness stand and he refuses to do this. His lie to Brent Becker about the Lakewood Mall incident is also exposed by these recordings. What is clear from this is that the Compton Police Department were behind getting Suge Knight's probation violated. David Kenner is the one that entered the MGM Videotape into evidence against Suge Knight.

Michael Moore talks about a conversation he had with Reggie Wright Sr. about who would run Death Row Records if something happens to Suge Knight. Senior speculates that his son would end up running the record label which, in fact, ends up happening. Compton Police were responsible for giving the events set into motion a little push. They were in Las Vegas on the night of September 7, 1996 - the night Tupac and Suge Knight were greenlit for murder. They steered the investigation. They were also seen at the Petersen Museum on the night Biggie Smalls was murdered.

Compton Police were brought down because a gun traced to them is used to shoot Long Beach Police Officer Brian Watt. That leads to an internal affairs report that uncovers over 80 kilos of missing cocaine, over 1400 missing firearms, and involvement in many other criminal activities. There was a vote on the eve of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's taking over the responsibility policing Compton. It was decided that all of the police officers in Compton be absorbed into the Sheriff's instead of being disbanded.

Compton Police can be traced into the Sheriff's all the way to influence the current legal troubles facing Suge Knight right now. They conspired against him back then and they continue to conspire against him now.

You can read more about this in Chaos Merchants and Tupac:187 - Russell Poole's final words on the murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls before his tragic death meeting with Sheriff's about the cases.

Chaos Merchants


© 2016 Michael Douglas Carlin. All Rights Reserved.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

What Happens When a Man Wears Something Worth a Million Dollars in the Ghetto?

By Michael Douglas Carlin

There are things which can easily be known simply based upon chain reactions. I used to mix baking soda and vinegar as a child to watch the reaction. It doesn't take too long before there is an explosion when the two ingredients are mixed in a bottle and the cap is screwed on.

Walk through the hood with a million dollar medallion and see how long you survive. Now picture walking through the ghetto with five hundred times that around your neck and you come to understand what Suge Knight was doing back in 1996. There were many forces beyond his control at work.

Saying this was about money doesn't really paint the picture. Money is a down payment on a house or what we use to pay the rent. This was about millions and millions of dollars - about living on eazy-street for generations. This was about life altering amounts of cash and everybody wanted Suge Knight dead so the looting of Death Row Records could begin and that looting is still going on today.

Chaos Merchants takes us through the evidence that Death Row Records was in play and that Tupac and Suge Knight were both greenlit for murder on the night of September 7, 1996. Chaos Merchants was what Russell Poole was working on when he passed away on August 19th 2015 pitching the Sheriff's Department on solving the two biggest mysteries in the history of music. Russell was in effect apologizing to Suge Knight for all of those years he shouted from the rooftops that Suge Knight was behind the murder of Tupac Shakur.

Think about the change that Russell made in his viewpoint. He believed for nearly 20 years that Suge Knight was behind Tupac's murder because so much of the evidence pointed toward Death Row Records. When the evidence started pointing toward Suge as a victim that night and the people implicated were those around Suge it all began to make sense.

The recent allegations that Sean Puffy Combs was behind Tupac's murder were fully debunked in Tupac:187. The gaping holes were exposed. That book was the catalyst that lead to additional clues coming in that painted the clear picture of what happened that night. Russell and I were assembling those clues to present to investigators and what resulted from our investigation became "Chaos Merchants."

Looking at the MGM footage yielded clues that the entire Orlando Anderson incident had been staged to set up a motive for what would happen a few hours later. The clues have been here all this time. Russell was going to meet with Sheriff's knowing that an off-duty Compton Cop was supervising the Orlando Anderson incident. That same cop was absorbed into the Sheriff's Department when Compton Police were disbanded. Russell was also going to talk about an off-duty Sheriff letting shooters into the 1Oak Nightclub the night Suge Knight was shot six times on August 24th, 2014. That same Sheriff was caught on video dropping the shooters off at the airport the next day. Russell was going into the den of the lion to ask Sheriff's to do the right thing.

We did not know at the time that the Sheriff supervising the Orlando Anderson incident had only retired in 2014 from the Sheriff's a month before Suge was shot at 1Oak. We did not know that the LAPD cop caught hiding evidence in his desk drawer during the first Wallace Civil Trial was now the Captain of Homicide at the Sheriff's. That trial was ruled a mistrial when thousands of pages of information implicating Rampart Scandal officers in the murder of rapper Christopher Wallace were found hidden in the desk drawer and kept from the plaintiffs in the case. We also did not know that four of the investigators in the Suge Knight cases were waiting to meet with Russell instead of the lone promised homicide investigator who feigned interest in reopening the cases.

Russell was walking into a very explosive situation.

Russell Poole three days before his death. He had a spring in his step as I spoke to him that morning. He was meeting with investigators to solve the two cases that haunted him every day for nearly 20 years. He was hiking six miles a day and was confident that he was armed with the truth. Years before, Russell was fearful that LAPD was gutting the murder books in the cases and he made photocopies of all of the case files before he left the department. He was moved off of the investigation and his fears were confirmed as the files were all purged to derail any future investigation. Russell preserved history by making photocopies. The book Labyrinth by Randall Sullivan is about Russell Poole and the Rampart Scandal. 

Reggie Wright Sr. from the movie Biggie and Tupac. By the time the movie was shot Reggie Wright Sr. was a Los Angeles County Sheriff. He retired from the department in 2014 just a month before Suge Knight was shot six times in the 1Oak Nightclub. That venue was chosen because Sheriff's would respond and that response could be controlled by those close to Wright Sr. The altercation at Tam's in Compton was also responded to by LA County Sheriff's and the same investigator who handled the shooting at 1Oak also handled the Tam's investigation. Russell was convinced this was a conflict of interest.

Reggie Wright Sr. captured on the MGM Surveillance tape the night Tupac Shakur and Suge Knight were shot in Las Vegas. It was necessary to ensure that Orlando Anderson was not detained for too long or they could not pin the murder of Tupac and Suge on him... at least that was the plan. The hit was a complete failure. Tupac looked like he would survive and Suge was only grazed. They would use the exact same tactics on the Biggie Smalls hit with an experience modification of a professional shooter and armor piercing ammunition. In effect they learned from their mistakes. 

This is a rare photo of Reggie Wright Jr. back at the height of Death Row Records. He was Suge Knight's personal bodyguard and the head of Death Row Security. He disarmed all of the bodyguards that night and was in control of where everybody would be and controlled all assignments including many off-duty Las Vegas Police working security that night. Death Row Records had learned that compromising investigations by hiring off-duty cops was a lethal way bury the truth. It worked at the El Rey beating of Kelley Jamerson and it worked in the beating of Mark Anthony Bell. Bodyguard Michael Moore was standing next to Reggie Wright Jr. at the time of the shooting of Tupac and Suge. Moore heard "got-em" come over Wright's radio. With 13 bullets fired it really looked like they "got-em!!!"

Reggie Wright Jr. leads Orlando Anderson away the night Tupac and Suge were shot in Las Vegas. Russell Poole was going to Sheriff's with all of the above photos as well as the information that an off-duty Sheriff was involved in the plot to kill Suge Knight on August 24th 2014. The photos were highly troublesome for Sheriff's who had just weathered a storm that led to 20 indictments. Russell was pitching the Sheriff's on solving the murders of Tupac and Biggie that he felt could be solved. Russell died in that meeting. Less than two hours after Russell's death Reggie Wright Jr. released a YouTube video gloating about Russell's death and threatening RJ Bond's life and any others that would investigate him. Reggie Wright Jr. revealed that he knew all of the intimate details of the meeting investigators had with Russell. He knew for weeks that the meeting would happen. In fact, the meeting had been scheduled for three weeks prior to the meeting occurring. How does a suspect in two murders know the details of a meeting with Sheriff's investigators to reopen those specific murder cases?
Tupac:187 debunks the myth that Sean Puffy Combs had anything to do with the murder of Tupac Shakur. That myth first surfaced as a rumor planted by Death Row Records management while Suge Knight was behind bars. It was meant to send investigators down the wrong path.
Chaos Merchants is the book Russell Poole and Michael Carlin were collaborating on at the time of Russell's death. The first section of the book was what Russell took to the meeting with the LA County Sheriff's investigators the day he died. The day before Russell's meeting the Sheriff Investigator called to talk about what they would be meeting about and confirmed to Russell that an off-duty Sheriff had let the shooters into the 1Oak Nightclub the night Suge Knight was shot six times on August 24th 2014. Russell insisted that each fact be documented with the source. There are over 300 footnotes in the book and many of those lead to a link of the source.
What happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar in a closed container? Find out in Chaos Merchants and Tupac:187. Find out why Russell Poole believed the murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls could be solved.

Chaos Merchants


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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has LEAKS - Jim McDonnell Will Sweep Them Out

By Michael Douglas Carlin

I am very impressed with how quickly the Greg Kading/Reggie Wright Jr. camp gets information from within their law enforcement sources. Kading knew about Russell Poole's meeting minutes after it was set up and Reggie Wright Jr. (Remember that Michael Moore tells of hearing “Got-em” come over Reggie Wright Jr.’s radio at the time Tupac and Suge were shot.[1]) released a video on YouTube[2] a few hours after Russell Poole passed with every detail of the meeting and what was talked about inside of Sheriff's Headquarters.

If you doubt the leaks look at this:

August 19, 1:34 P.M. “We have received word that news is circulating in the LAPD that former LAPD detective Russell Poole has supposedly suffered an apparent heart attack during a meeting with LA County Sheriff’s Department officials, and has reportedly passed away, according to a reliable source.”[3]

August 19, 11:08 P.M. "Murder Rap has obtained exclusive information about Wednesday morning's shocking and untimely death of former LAPD detective Russell Poole, which occurred as he attended a meeting with the LA County Sheriff's Department - a story that we were first to break here on this page. Major news outlets have since reported that the meeting today between Poole and the LASD was regarding a "cold case." However, we can now reveal that we have known for several weeks that this meeting would be regarding the Biggie and Tupac murder investigations, specifically. Poole was trying to impress upon the Sheriff's department that they should either reduce or mitigate Suge Knight's current second-degree murder charges (for the homicide of Terry Carter in Compton earlier this year) in order to persuade Knight to provide information regarding the murders of Tupac and Biggie. Poole was believed to be collaborating with Suge Knight to get him out from under his current criminal complications in exchange for him providing information on the Tupac and Biggie murders."[4]

The fact is that the meeting with Russell was set up three weeks ahead of time. The content of what was discussed is highly accurate. That information had to come from within The Sheriff's Department. How does the suspect’s camp get information so quickly from within the department about an investigation that ties directly back to that suspect?

I didn't realize that Reggie Wright Sr. had his retirement party on July 18, 2014.[5] I had thought he retired much earlier. All of the people in the Sheriff’s Department were working alongside of Reggie Wright Sr. who was videotaped at the MGM Grand Hotel, the night Tupac Shakur was killed, supervising the interrogation of Orlando Anderson. Orlando Anderson is the person Compton Police offered up as the shooter of Shakur. Reggie Wright Sr. was prominent in the Compton Police Investigation of the Shakur murder.[6] Isn't it a severe conflict of interest for Wright Sr. to have participated in the MGM Orlando Anderson scuffle and to have participated in the investigation of the Tupac Murder? Wouldn't it also be a conflict of interest for him to investigate the Tupac murder with his son heading up security for Death Row Records? 

From MGM Full Video

Reggie Wright Sr. from Biggie & Tupac Movie

The 1999 - 100 page Internal Affairs Report of the Compton Police Department corruption details that "implicated as responsible to varying degrees by the investigators were Taylor, Perrodin, Lt. Reginald Wright Sr., Sgt. William Mosley, Sgt. Robert Baker, Sgt. Henry Robinson and Sgt. John Wilkinson."[7]

Now I am not surprised that information leaks out of the Sheriff's so quickly as the ties to Reggie Wright Sr. are so fresh. The shooting of Suge Knight at the 1Oak was just a month after the retirement of Wright. Has anyone questioned why two incidents involving attempts on Suge Knight's life both occur where Sheriff's would respond? Is anyone surprised? Biddle handled both crime scenes (Tams and 1Oak) as a severe conflict of interest. There are many ties back to Wright Sr., Wright Jr., and Los Angeles Sheriff’s including the off-duty Sheriff that let the shooters into the 1Oak and dropped them off at the airport.[8]

Jim McDonnell must now sweep those leaks out of the department.

Read Russell Poole's final words on #Tupac & #Biggie murders

[1] Tupac Assassination by RJ Bond and Frank Alexander.
[5] Star and Shield Volume 41 Issue 5 – July 2014 - Announcement of retirement parties.
[6] Tim Brennan Affidavit -
[7] 1999 REPORT DETAILS CORRUPTION IN COMPTON PD NARCOTICS UNIT from The Compton Bulletin by Allison Jean Eaton.
[8] Russell Poole confirmed that this information was true in his telephone call the day before his meeting.