Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Life Matters - Suge Knight and Suave

You know him as Suave, he is the man that remade the song, "My Girl." That song climbed to #22 on the national charts and #1in the R&B charts. He knew Suge Knight when Suge was guarding Bobby Brown - way back in the Galaxy Studios days. He also knew Russell Poole. He was threatened by Rafael Perez, the City Attorney, and other LAPD Officers and now he wants to tell the entire story before his stage four throat cancer takes his life.

He has a message for Suge Knight. "The FBI asked me to lie about you and the City Attorney threatened me. I had no choice but to do what I did and since I never signed the coerced deposition I never got anything that was promised to me." 

"Suge, whatever you do, get away from judge Ryan. The FBI told me that if I cooperated with them and lied about you that he would release me and instead he locked me up for a crime that I did not commit."

Suave, was in Mississippi at the time a murder in Los Angeles was committed but that didn't stop LAPD cops from suppressing that evidence in Suave's trial and that didn't stop Judge Ryan from excluding that evidence in the appeal. Suave now has stage four throat cancer and wants to live out his final days, however few they are, in freedom... with his family. 23 years have been stolen from him because of trumped up charges.

To donate to Waymond Anderson aka Suave's legal fund click here:
These are bombshell interviews that give us a glimpse into what is wrong with our justice system. I respect all first responders that wear their uniforms with honor. Those that don't need to be pushed out to other lines of work. Every witness swears to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Every judge, investigator, and prosecutor must take the same oath and courts, in America, should become sacred halls of Truth!!!

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