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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has LEAKS - Jim McDonnell Will Sweep Them Out

By Michael Douglas Carlin

I am very impressed with how quickly the Greg Kading/Reggie Wright Jr. camp gets information from within their law enforcement sources. Kading knew about Russell Poole's meeting minutes after it was set up and Reggie Wright Jr. (Remember that Michael Moore tells of hearing “Got-em” come over Reggie Wright Jr.’s radio at the time Tupac and Suge were shot.[1]) released a video on YouTube[2] a few hours after Russell Poole passed with every detail of the meeting and what was talked about inside of Sheriff's Headquarters.

If you doubt the leaks look at this:

August 19, 1:34 P.M. “We have received word that news is circulating in the LAPD that former LAPD detective Russell Poole has supposedly suffered an apparent heart attack during a meeting with LA County Sheriff’s Department officials, and has reportedly passed away, according to a reliable source.”[3]

August 19, 11:08 P.M. "Murder Rap has obtained exclusive information about Wednesday morning's shocking and untimely death of former LAPD detective Russell Poole, which occurred as he attended a meeting with the LA County Sheriff's Department - a story that we were first to break here on this page. Major news outlets have since reported that the meeting today between Poole and the LASD was regarding a "cold case." However, we can now reveal that we have known for several weeks that this meeting would be regarding the Biggie and Tupac murder investigations, specifically. Poole was trying to impress upon the Sheriff's department that they should either reduce or mitigate Suge Knight's current second-degree murder charges (for the homicide of Terry Carter in Compton earlier this year) in order to persuade Knight to provide information regarding the murders of Tupac and Biggie. Poole was believed to be collaborating with Suge Knight to get him out from under his current criminal complications in exchange for him providing information on the Tupac and Biggie murders."[4]

The fact is that the meeting with Russell was set up three weeks ahead of time. The content of what was discussed is highly accurate. That information had to come from within The Sheriff's Department. How does the suspect’s camp get information so quickly from within the department about an investigation that ties directly back to that suspect?

I didn't realize that Reggie Wright Sr. had his retirement party on July 18, 2014.[5] I had thought he retired much earlier. All of the people in the Sheriff’s Department were working alongside of Reggie Wright Sr. who was videotaped at the MGM Grand Hotel, the night Tupac Shakur was killed, supervising the interrogation of Orlando Anderson. Orlando Anderson is the person Compton Police offered up as the shooter of Shakur. Reggie Wright Sr. was prominent in the Compton Police Investigation of the Shakur murder.[6] Isn't it a severe conflict of interest for Wright Sr. to have participated in the MGM Orlando Anderson scuffle and to have participated in the investigation of the Tupac Murder? Wouldn't it also be a conflict of interest for him to investigate the Tupac murder with his son heading up security for Death Row Records? 

From MGM Full Video

Reggie Wright Sr. from Biggie & Tupac Movie

The 1999 - 100 page Internal Affairs Report of the Compton Police Department corruption details that "implicated as responsible to varying degrees by the investigators were Taylor, Perrodin, Lt. Reginald Wright Sr., Sgt. William Mosley, Sgt. Robert Baker, Sgt. Henry Robinson and Sgt. John Wilkinson."[7]

Now I am not surprised that information leaks out of the Sheriff's so quickly as the ties to Reggie Wright Sr. are so fresh. The shooting of Suge Knight at the 1Oak was just a month after the retirement of Wright. Has anyone questioned why two incidents involving attempts on Suge Knight's life both occur where Sheriff's would respond? Is anyone surprised? Biddle handled both crime scenes (Tams and 1Oak) as a severe conflict of interest. There are many ties back to Wright Sr., Wright Jr., and Los Angeles Sheriff’s including the off-duty Sheriff that let the shooters into the 1Oak and dropped them off at the airport.[8]

Jim McDonnell must now sweep those leaks out of the department.

Read Russell Poole's final words on #Tupac & #Biggie murders

[1] Tupac Assassination by RJ Bond and Frank Alexander.
[5] Star and Shield Volume 41 Issue 5 – July 2014 - Announcement of retirement parties.
[6] Tim Brennan Affidavit -
[7] 1999 REPORT DETAILS CORRUPTION IN COMPTON PD NARCOTICS UNIT from The Compton Bulletin by Allison Jean Eaton.
[8] Russell Poole confirmed that this information was true in his telephone call the day before his meeting.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Star of “Murder Rap” Now Fugitive

Read Russell Poole's final words on #Tupac & #Biggie murders 

With 100K Warrant are a few bail bondsmen are on the hunt?

Duane Keith “Keefe D” Davis, who is known throughout the Tupac fan base as the man who was willing to sell out his dead nephew for a third strike proffer deal, and who was featured as the key star witness of Ex-LAPD Detective Greg Kading’s 2011 book “Murder Rap” is now a fugitive from justice and under a One Hundred Thousand Dollar ($100,000) Bench Warrant in Riverside County California.

Davis failed to appear at a hearing in the California Superior Court in May of 2014 for sentencing stemming from charges of Felony Possession of Marijuana for Sale and being a convicted felon in possession of a Colt 45 handgun when stopped by Law Enforcement.

An Electronic Warrant was issued at 9:45am , May 20, 2014 and Davis’ original bail of $25,000 ordered forfeited, which means that some Bail Bondsmen are going to be very interested in “Keefe’ D’s” whereabouts. Of course this $100,000 warrant will be far from the end of the criminal journey for Davis. Failing to keep ones promise to appear, especially in light of the nature of the appearance- when you are informed how long you will be going to prison for, or if you may ever see the free light of day again- speak volumes about Davis character.

And this time Davis will need to sell out some other member of his family- if anyone is really interested- to beat this rap. Of course as chronicled in the large print “Murder Rap,” Davis was a godsend and Rosetta Stone for former cop Kading and current LAPD Detective Daryn Dupree for claiming that his nephew killed Shakur and that he was present for the killing of Biggie Smalls. Nothing like throwing your own dead nephew under the bus to save your own skin.

Davis was on Kading’s “short list” for filling in the details and color that might add some legitimacy for an investigation that was in his own words “going nowhere.” Kading and Dupree were steering the mid 2000’s investigation toward the legendary story of Orlando Anderson killing Tupac for a million dollars, allegedly put up by rival Sean “Puffy” Combs. At one point this legend also included another rap rival, Christopher Wallace- himself a murder victim. 

It wasn’t until that very public lead fell flat on its face that Kading and Dupree, unsuccessful in getting any other “named player” to talk to them, (including witnesses at the scene) knew they needed to get Davis in Kading’s words “in the box.” Under that leverage, they got Davis to talk.

It is to be noted that whatever story about his family member was told to Kading and Dupree, previous to that Davis had made the claim that Marion “Suge” Knight- recently shot at an LA Nightclub- was behind both the Shakur and Wallace shootings. That was Davis’ formal statement.

However as the years went by and the leads cooled down, Davis story changed to one that was magically congruent with Kading and Dupree’s version of events. Under a temporary immunity deal and plea bargain called a “proffer deal”, Davis told a “whale of a tale” to the LAPD’s finest and this time implicated Corey Edwards, a friend of Anderson’s, himself and Anderson (with others) in the shooting of Shakur September of 1996.  

Darnell Brim was one of the leaders of the infamous Southside Crips, according to former Compton Police Detective Tim Brennan. Apparently Davis allegations of his nephew’s being a killer was hardly the first time Davis had accused someone of point a gun and firing with deadly intent. He accused Brim in the same way.
This is what Brim (who was himself shot) had to say about Duane Keith Davis:

“He's Baby Lane's uncle. He's part of the group that hangs on Burris, I'm not friends with him. He likes to talk a lot. He keeps stuff going; like hearsay stuff. Like when my homeboy Lee got killed he was saying that he saw what happened- including that he seen my car driving away from the shooting. He was saying that I was the guy who shot Lee.”

“When he found out that. I was locked down, he changed his story and said that it was someone who looked like me. He keeps a lot of stuff going- like girls do. I asked him about it when I got out of jail. He said something like, "you know what's going on, you don't like us and we don't like you, just keep it like that." I told him that that was no problem.

“I don't know if he's selling dope, I don't know his business. I don't know if he has a job. I don't think that Keefy D would shoot anybody and I don't know if he had anything to do with killing Biggie.”

Apparently, according to Brim, if Davis does not like you, you might be next for the accusation.

Which begs the question- with two strikes- Blaming Knight for a murder then recanting it, and then blaming Brim for Murder and recanting it- could Davis, under the right leverage or incentive- such as one like Kading put out to coax that statement- would Davis recant that one as well? Would it be three strikes?

For now, no one will know, because Davis has decided to “ride like the wind” and make himself unavailable to the California Judicial System. It doesn't appear that Davis will be making any subsequent interviews with the press when and if Kading's new documentary ever surfaces from the editing room. 

When and if Davis ever does appear, we’ll see what story he comes up with next- but one thing is for sure, there is always a story!

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