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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Letter to Afeni Shakur from Michael Douglas Carlin

Ms. Shakur,

I was the writer of Tupac:187 with RJ Bond and Russell Poole. Since writing that book many clues poured in from Tupac fans. Russell and I were able to put together a picture of what happened to your son. Russell Poole was never satisfied with the investigation that was done in the aftermath of the murders of both Tupac and Biggie and he continued to pursue clues. He struck out in getting cooperation from LAPD, and LVMPD. He finally turned toward the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s. He died mysteriously in a meeting with investigators talking about your son’s murder. The fact is that no law enforcement agency is interested in solving the crime.

Russell always wanted to bring closure to you and Mrs. Wallace by bringing the killers to justice. Respected journalist Chris Blatchford gave us a confession letter that put the entire puzzle together. The investigation died with Russell but he would have wanted you to have this information that he and I compiled. Russell spent his own money chasing down clues and never put a penny in his pocket simply wanting the truth about the murders to emerge. He died knowing that he solved the murders.

I was simply the writer. I have enclosed some of my other work so that you can see that we share common values. ‘A Prescription for Peace’ is my answer for how to fix many of the injustices in the world. Other books move the discussion forward with ‘Peaceful Protests’ and ‘Rise a Knight,’ that provide a roadmap to create guardians for the planet and the inhabitants so every single person is treated equally under the law and all have the tools to achieve the American Dream.

I spent the last two years working with Russell Poole who I consider to be an American Hero along with your son. They both saw wrongs they tried to right and their lives were both cut short standing up for their beliefs.

I hope the contents of this package are not simply dredging up old wounds and that you receive this information in the spirit it was intended. Russell kept a copy of the Homicide Investigators Creed on his desk. It read: “No greater honor will ever be bestowed on an officer, or a more profound duty imposed on him, than when he is entrusted with the investigation of the death of another human being. It is his duty to find the facts regardless of color or creed, without prejudice, and to let no power on earth deter him from presenting these facts to the court without regard to personality.”

Russell was steadfast to this creed and tried to fully investigate the murders. When it led back to LAPD Officers he was told to cease investigating. When he refused he was pushed out of his department six months before he completed his 20th year and vested fully in the pension plan. This caused severe hardship on his family but he remained true to his pursuit of information that would lead to arrests and convictions to let no power on earth deter him.

Though your son only lived 25 years he has impacted so many lives and carved a swath that will never be duplicated. You have my deepest sympathies for your profound loss.

Michael Carlin
Writer – Tupac:187 and Chaos Merchants
© 2016 Michael Douglas Carlin. All Rights Reserved.
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Thursday, February 11, 2016

What Happens When a Man Wears Something Worth a Million Dollars in the Ghetto?

By Michael Douglas Carlin

There are things which can easily be known simply based upon chain reactions. I used to mix baking soda and vinegar as a child to watch the reaction. It doesn't take too long before there is an explosion when the two ingredients are mixed in a bottle and the cap is screwed on.

Walk through the hood with a million dollar medallion and see how long you survive. Now picture walking through the ghetto with five hundred times that around your neck and you come to understand what Suge Knight was doing back in 1996. There were many forces beyond his control at work.

Saying this was about money doesn't really paint the picture. Money is a down payment on a house or what we use to pay the rent. This was about millions and millions of dollars - about living on eazy-street for generations. This was about life altering amounts of cash and everybody wanted Suge Knight dead so the looting of Death Row Records could begin and that looting is still going on today.

Chaos Merchants takes us through the evidence that Death Row Records was in play and that Tupac and Suge Knight were both greenlit for murder on the night of September 7, 1996. Chaos Merchants was what Russell Poole was working on when he passed away on August 19th 2015 pitching the Sheriff's Department on solving the two biggest mysteries in the history of music. Russell was in effect apologizing to Suge Knight for all of those years he shouted from the rooftops that Suge Knight was behind the murder of Tupac Shakur.

Think about the change that Russell made in his viewpoint. He believed for nearly 20 years that Suge Knight was behind Tupac's murder because so much of the evidence pointed toward Death Row Records. When the evidence started pointing toward Suge as a victim that night and the people implicated were those around Suge it all began to make sense.

The recent allegations that Sean Puffy Combs was behind Tupac's murder were fully debunked in Tupac:187. The gaping holes were exposed. That book was the catalyst that lead to additional clues coming in that painted the clear picture of what happened that night. Russell and I were assembling those clues to present to investigators and what resulted from our investigation became "Chaos Merchants."

Looking at the MGM footage yielded clues that the entire Orlando Anderson incident had been staged to set up a motive for what would happen a few hours later. The clues have been here all this time. Russell was going to meet with Sheriff's knowing that an off-duty Compton Cop was supervising the Orlando Anderson incident. That same cop was absorbed into the Sheriff's Department when Compton Police were disbanded. Russell was also going to talk about an off-duty Sheriff letting shooters into the 1Oak Nightclub the night Suge Knight was shot six times on August 24th, 2014. That same Sheriff was caught on video dropping the shooters off at the airport the next day. Russell was going into the den of the lion to ask Sheriff's to do the right thing.

We did not know at the time that the Sheriff supervising the Orlando Anderson incident had only retired in 2014 from the Sheriff's a month before Suge was shot at 1Oak. We did not know that the LAPD cop caught hiding evidence in his desk drawer during the first Wallace Civil Trial was now the Captain of Homicide at the Sheriff's. That trial was ruled a mistrial when thousands of pages of information implicating Rampart Scandal officers in the murder of rapper Christopher Wallace were found hidden in the desk drawer and kept from the plaintiffs in the case. We also did not know that four of the investigators in the Suge Knight cases were waiting to meet with Russell instead of the lone promised homicide investigator who feigned interest in reopening the cases.

Russell was walking into a very explosive situation.

Russell Poole three days before his death. He had a spring in his step as I spoke to him that morning. He was meeting with investigators to solve the two cases that haunted him every day for nearly 20 years. He was hiking six miles a day and was confident that he was armed with the truth. Years before, Russell was fearful that LAPD was gutting the murder books in the cases and he made photocopies of all of the case files before he left the department. He was moved off of the investigation and his fears were confirmed as the files were all purged to derail any future investigation. Russell preserved history by making photocopies. The book Labyrinth by Randall Sullivan is about Russell Poole and the Rampart Scandal. 

Reggie Wright Sr. from the movie Biggie and Tupac. By the time the movie was shot Reggie Wright Sr. was a Los Angeles County Sheriff. He retired from the department in 2014 just a month before Suge Knight was shot six times in the 1Oak Nightclub. That venue was chosen because Sheriff's would respond and that response could be controlled by those close to Wright Sr. The altercation at Tam's in Compton was also responded to by LA County Sheriff's and the same investigator who handled the shooting at 1Oak also handled the Tam's investigation. Russell was convinced this was a conflict of interest.

Reggie Wright Sr. captured on the MGM Surveillance tape the night Tupac Shakur and Suge Knight were shot in Las Vegas. It was necessary to ensure that Orlando Anderson was not detained for too long or they could not pin the murder of Tupac and Suge on him... at least that was the plan. The hit was a complete failure. Tupac looked like he would survive and Suge was only grazed. They would use the exact same tactics on the Biggie Smalls hit with an experience modification of a professional shooter and armor piercing ammunition. In effect they learned from their mistakes. 

This is a rare photo of Reggie Wright Jr. back at the height of Death Row Records. He was Suge Knight's personal bodyguard and the head of Death Row Security. He disarmed all of the bodyguards that night and was in control of where everybody would be and controlled all assignments including many off-duty Las Vegas Police working security that night. Death Row Records had learned that compromising investigations by hiring off-duty cops was a lethal way bury the truth. It worked at the El Rey beating of Kelley Jamerson and it worked in the beating of Mark Anthony Bell. Bodyguard Michael Moore was standing next to Reggie Wright Jr. at the time of the shooting of Tupac and Suge. Moore heard "got-em" come over Wright's radio. With 13 bullets fired it really looked like they "got-em!!!"

Reggie Wright Jr. leads Orlando Anderson away the night Tupac and Suge were shot in Las Vegas. Russell Poole was going to Sheriff's with all of the above photos as well as the information that an off-duty Sheriff was involved in the plot to kill Suge Knight on August 24th 2014. The photos were highly troublesome for Sheriff's who had just weathered a storm that led to 20 indictments. Russell was pitching the Sheriff's on solving the murders of Tupac and Biggie that he felt could be solved. Russell died in that meeting. Less than two hours after Russell's death Reggie Wright Jr. released a YouTube video gloating about Russell's death and threatening RJ Bond's life and any others that would investigate him. Reggie Wright Jr. revealed that he knew all of the intimate details of the meeting investigators had with Russell. He knew for weeks that the meeting would happen. In fact, the meeting had been scheduled for three weeks prior to the meeting occurring. How does a suspect in two murders know the details of a meeting with Sheriff's investigators to reopen those specific murder cases?
Tupac:187 debunks the myth that Sean Puffy Combs had anything to do with the murder of Tupac Shakur. That myth first surfaced as a rumor planted by Death Row Records management while Suge Knight was behind bars. It was meant to send investigators down the wrong path.
Chaos Merchants is the book Russell Poole and Michael Carlin were collaborating on at the time of Russell's death. The first section of the book was what Russell took to the meeting with the LA County Sheriff's investigators the day he died. The day before Russell's meeting the Sheriff Investigator called to talk about what they would be meeting about and confirmed to Russell that an off-duty Sheriff had let the shooters into the 1Oak Nightclub the night Suge Knight was shot six times on August 24th 2014. Russell insisted that each fact be documented with the source. There are over 300 footnotes in the book and many of those lead to a link of the source.
What happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar in a closed container? Find out in Chaos Merchants and Tupac:187. Find out why Russell Poole believed the murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls could be solved.

Chaos Merchants


© 2016 Michael Douglas Carlin. All Rights Reserved.

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Russell Poole’s Chaos Merchants Released as Mystery Surrounds His Death (Ruled Natural Causes)

The murders of Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace are still classified as unsolved. Russell Poole continued to investigate those murders even after he was pushed out of the Los Angeles Police Department six months before his 20th anniversary with the department. Poole pursued the killers until his dying breath under mysterious circumstances.

Chaos Merchants, the book Poole was working on at the time of this death, with writer Michael Douglas Carlin, has finally been released on Amazon. Poole and Carlin previously teamed up on Tupac:187 with documentarian filmmaker, RJ Bond. RJ Bond returns to write the foreword for Chaos Merchants.

Russell Poole died August 19th 2015, mysteriously in a meeting with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s about reopening the investigations into the murders of Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace. At the meeting Poole suffered a massive heart attack and died at Sheriff Headquarters in Monterey Park, California. The death made national headlines in media outlets including Rolling Stone, BET, The Independent, among others.

The death of Poole was ruled “natural causes” by the Los Angeles County Coroners Office but what makes this fishy is that Poole was meeting with Sheriff’s about possible department corruption in both of the Suge Knight cases: the shooting at 1Oak on August 24th 2014, and the homicide investigation at Tam’s in Compton.
Suge Knight is currently facing possible life in prison from murders charges resulting from the Sheriff’s Investigation.

Poole, who for years held the view that Suge Knight was behind the Shakur and Wallace murders, uncovered a 1998 confession letter to the murder of Tupac that recast everything he believed. When Poole, Bond, and Carlin reexamined Poole’s original case files in light of the letter it was a game changer. Poole had come to believe that Suge Knight was a victim on September 7th 1996 when Shakur and Knight were attacked in a drive by shooting in Las Vegas. Knight was the primary target of that attack because of the value of Death Row Records and those that stood to gain from the potential death of Death Row Records sole shareholder. At the time, Death Row Records was worth half a billion dollars. When Poole died he was meeting with Sheriff’s Investigators to convince them to abandon their cases against Suge Knight due to conflict of interest and potential corruption and to enlist Suge Knight in solving the murders of Tupac and Biggie. Poole was, in effect, apologizing to Suge Knight.

The book examines all of the original case files that were purged from the LAPD murder books shortly after Russell Poole left the department by “Department Brass” in their effort to derail the investigations. Two civil suits brought by the family of Christopher Wallace were also derailed by the LAPD. The first case was ruled a mistrial when it was discovered that Detective Steven Katz had hidden thousands of documents from the plaintiffs. Steven Katz is the Captain of Homicide at the LA County Sheriff’s Department (is it the same Katz?) and was “in the loop” about Russell’s meeting. Russell talked to an investigator the day before his meeting who confirmed that corruption had been uncovered in the Suge Knight shooting at 1Oak. That information is likely to surface in the coming Suge Knight murder trial.

Russell Poole, the LAPD Detective credited with solving the murder of Ennis Cosby, always felt that the Tupac and Biggie cases could be solved and he never stopped meeting with the D.A.’s office or law enforcement investigators in spite of the danger. He continued to investigate literally until his dying breath.

“Russell was adamant that every fact be footnoted,” says writer Michael Douglas Carlin. “Chaos Merchants has sources for every single detail in the investigations.” Both Tupac:187 and Chaos Merchants are a combination of all available video interviews with relevant witnesses, a confession letter to the murder of Tupac, and Russell’s original case files. The books paint the clearest picture of everything known about the murders and what actually transpired.

Chaos Merchants, listed under True Crime, is available at Amazon in a Kindle version and at Smashwords.

Michael Douglas Carlin is available for interviews at

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


By Michael Douglas Carlin

The source of the narrative that Suge Knight was behind the murder of Tupac Shakur was clearly the Sheriff’s Department.[1] They tell of Snoop telling them that Suge was behind the murder of Tupac as detailed in the Sheriff’s report of 1998. But the person that gave the narrative legs was Russell Poole. He believed the Sheriff’s had provided a valuable clue and that Suge Knight was responsible because all of the evidence pointed to Death Row Records. Russell Poole was the one that shouted this from the rooftops. But as he continued to investigate the murders of Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace, without being paid a dime, he became increasingly convinced that Suge Knight had nothing to do with the murders. This was a very big shift in Russell’s view and for the case it is significant.

In the case of rapper Tupac Shakur, Suge was sitting in the driver seat of the BMW and Tupac was in the passenger seat when the shots rang out. Why would Suge Knight put himself in the cross hairs that night? In the case of Christopher Wallace, Suge Knight was in jail with very limited access to the outside world. It would be very difficult for him to have carried out or to have participated in any way in the murder.

Russell, who had been the leading spokesman for the “Suge Knight killed Tupac” narrative had re-examined the evidence and changed his position. He had come to understand the distinction between Suge Knight and Death Row Records. Russell came to understand that there was a plot to kill both Suge Knight and Tupac Shakur by insiders at Death Row Records and that the corrupt Compton Police were in on the plot.

Many of those corrupt Compton Police Officers were absorbed into the Sheriff’s Department[2] and Russell was heading into a meeting with the friends and associates of the suspects in the murders of Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace. Russell headed into the lion’s den. We hear the words “come alone” in many movies and television shows. Russell was requested to “come alone.” He had the courage to show up “alone” to stare down corruption at the source. The Wright Jr./Dupree/Kading camp released information that they knew about the meeting weeks before it occurred. .”[3]

The day before the meeting the investigator had confirmed the information that Russell had received that an off-duty Sheriff had participated in the “hit” on Suge Knight by letting the shooters into the nightclub on August 24, 2014 – just a month after Reggie Wright Sr.’s retirement party from the Sheriff’s Department and that the off-duty Sheriff also drove the shooters to the airport and was captured on video making the drop. The investigator also confirmed that the crime scenes in both the 1Oak shooting and the Tam’s Burger aka “Murder Burger” incident had been supervised by Richard Biddle as a clear conflict of interest. Russell told me a couple of months back that Biddle called him to talk about Suge. Remember that Russell was the leading proponent of the Suge killed Tupac narrative. I remember Russell saying that it wasn't a pleasant conversation. Biddle was attempting to get damning information on Suge and Russell told him that he no longer felt Suge had anything to do with Tupac's or Biggie's murders.

So if the Sheriff’s are the source of the “Suge Knight killed Tupac” narrative and the locations of the recent attempts to kill Suge Knight were selected because “Sheriff’s” would respond. Dupree gets a confession letter and leaks it through Kading onto the Internet and one of the attempts on Suge happens six days after the letter is leaked.[4] Kading is the one that says he learned about the meeting a few weeks before it happened. [5] It is starting to look like the corruption, we all were lied to about as having been contained and curtailed as “The Rampart Scandal,” still exists within the LAPD and the Sheriff’s Department and Russell was headed straight into it… as requested… alone.
Russell discovered the truth. He was heading to the Sheriff’s Headquarters to get an investigator to work with the DA’s office to begin the process of bringing the responsible parties to justice. There are simply those in the Sheriff’s Department that wanted to derail Russell’s plan – and however they accomplished it – they succeeded.

38 video cameras at the 1Oak nightclub were recording video at the time Suge Knight was shot. An off-duty Sheriff let the shooters into the club and took them to the airport. All of this, is known by the Sheriff’s and yet there is no arrest for attempted murder in a very public setting. Isn’t that a huge violation of public trust as killers are on the loose Sheriff’s could have captured and taken off of the streets? Are the Sheriff’s going to be responsible for the next murders these killers perform? Are the Sheriff’s going to be named in a wrongful death lawsuits for not having done their job? They cite “Suge Knight as uncooperative” as the reason they don’t need to do their jobs because it sets up their reason to go after Suge Knight at Tams.

Suge is lured down to Tams by Terry Carter. He is assaulted when he arrives. I showed the video to 50 people who all said it is a gun that is put into a waistband. “The gun” has been labeled by the Judge as a walkie-talkie. Sounds like a railroad job to me. If you don’t believe it is a railroad job simply listen to all of the statements that have been made by the DA’s office. They all talk about crimes Suge Knight has committed that he was never arrested or convicted of. They have tried to taint the jury pool. They cut the deal with David Kenner after he was fired by Suge to move the venue to downtown from Compton where the jury pool would be White and Latino instead of African-American.

Now I have been researching Suge Knight and Death Row Records for the better part of two years. I know Suge Knight is not an angel. But aren’t there enough things he has done and been convicted of doing that we don’t need to have our own prosecutor (the people’s prosecutor) engaging in speculation about crimes he may have committed?

Russell knew that Suge Knight was set up at Tams and 1Oak because the Sheriff’s would respond there. He knew that perpetrators of these crimes chose venues where investigators close to Reggie Wright Sr. would respond so that Suge Knight could be put away for good and the investigations would be instantly skewed against Knight. The fact that no charges have ever been brought against Knight’s attackers from 1Oak and that charges against Cle “Bone” Sloan (part of the Dupree/Wright Jr./Kading camp[6]) were never filed for assault that he admits to and gloats about in much the same way that Reggie Wright Jr. gloats about the passing of Poole seems to confirm that Knight was not treated fairly. Remember that 38 cameras in the 1Oak club caught everything on video and that the off-duty Sheriff was fired for his misconduct while working off-duty as security that night at 1Oak and he was not charged for his crimes.

Russell went in to that meeting knowing that the case against Suge Knight was crumbling around the Sheriff’s. Knight’s legendary feud with Reggie Wright Jr. that has been public will certainly be a factor in the trial. Reggie Wright Sr.’s recent retirement from the Sheriff’s Department[7] makes any investigation of Knight by Sheriff’s close to Reggie Wright Sr. a glaring conflict of interest. There is no way for Suge Knight to get any unbiased investigation by the Sheriff’s and they know they have these severe problems with their case.

Russell went into that meeting asking cops to do the right thing and initiate an investigation into the son of one of their own. He had the courage to look them in the eyes and demand that they do the right thing even if it meant crossing that blue line. He had the courage to ask LAPD to do the same thing so many years ago.

I have seen no evidence that Russell was handed anything tainted in that meeting or that Sheriff’s failed to render aid but both of those scenarios should be fully investigated. It is far more likely that Russell met with arrogance and agitation that triggered his life ending heart attack but Russell had the courage to walk in that room and stand toe to toe with the corruption he has battled since the Rampart Scandal. Now Jim McDonnell and all of the honest hard-working Sheriff’s, who Russell trusted with his life must do the right thing and sweep that corruption out of Los Angeles.

Read Russell Poole's final words on #Tupac & #Biggie murders

[2] 1999 REPORT DETAILS CORRUPTION IN COMPTON PD NARCOTICS UNIT from The Compton Bulletin by Allison Jean Eaton.
[4] Tupac:187 The Red Knight by RJ Bond, Michael Douglas Carlin & Russell Poole.
[7] Star and Shield Volume 41 Issue 5 – July 2014 - Announcement of retirement parties.