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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Shooter of Suge Knight May Have Been Hired by Same Person Behind Tupac Shakur Killing

Read Russell Poole's final words on #Tupac & #Biggie murders 

By Michael Douglas Carlin

Some of the details of the Suge Knight shooting have been surfacing. It appears that Suge Knight was the target of the shooting. Keith Middlebrook said, "Two gang members showed up and accused Suge of killing Tupac and called him a traitor. I think they were two guys from Compton. They yelled at Suge, 'You killed Tupac.'"

This is consistent with the premise of the previous article. Why would the shooters mention Tupac? Were they trying to tie Suge to the Tupac killing to steer the investigation away from those responsible for the murder? Clearly Suge would never have put himself in the driver's seat when his passenger was going to be killed. This was clearly a plot to kill both Tupac and Suge and to take Death Row Records and the associated revenue away from Suge and steal Tupac's music. But Suge didn't die back then and he didn't die this time either.

The evidence seems to always point back to Compton. Who ran the Compton Police? Who has deep ties into the Compton Gangs? Quite possibly the shooter(s) in the most recent attempt to kill Suge Knight were hired by the very same people that were behind the killing of Tupac Shakur.

The truth is going to surface. Tupacileaks has received 1000 pages of documents. On December 1st all of this will be released to the public. The pursuit of the truth is underway.

(previous article originally posted on 8/24/2014)
LAPD Leaks Confession Letter In Tupac’s Murder That Might Be Reason Suge Knight Shot?
I just want to begin by saying that I don’t know any of the details of the shooting last night. It seems that getting specific details has been tough from typical news sources.

But I do find it curious that on August 18th a website posts a confession letter, leaked by the Los Angeles Police Department, which gets 6000 views. The letter was given to LAPD by Russell Poole and RJ Bond two months ago and was leaked by someone in the department. The Confession Letter alleges that Reggie Wright Jr. contracted gangs to kill both Tupac and Suge Knight on the night of September 7th 1996. Early this morning on the 24th, just six days after the letter leaks publicly, Suge Knight is allegedly shot six times.

For those of you that don’t know the history I will recap. Suge Knight and Tupac are shot while driving from Suge Knight’s home in Las Vegas to Club 662 on the night of September 7th 1996. Suge is injured in the shooting but walks away. Tupac is shot four times and is given a 50%/50% chance of survival but is only able to hold on for a few days. He dies on September 13, 1996. Michael Moore, a former Tupac bodyguard, tells of standing right next to Reggie Wright at the time of the shooting and hearing, “Got ‘em” come over Wright’s radio. If the confession letter is right and this was an attempt on Suge’s life, there would have to be a cover-up. People that knew about the plot would have to be silenced or killed.

When you look at the shootings in the immediate aftermath of the Tupac slaying, they mostly involved people that might have known something about the murder from Yafeu Fula to Orlando Anderson and many in-between. When you look at the next wave of killings just before Suge was released from prison it involved Suge's inner-circle: Buntry, Heron, Poochie, and Hen Dog. Seems that someone was trying to make sure that Suge was unable to pull together muscle to resume his reign.

"I have a picture that I took of all of the guys. One night we were doing a video shoot... and it was Suge and all of his henchmen. And all the henchmen are dead today. Every one of 'em is dead; Suge is the only one alive. So those were his friends. And if you really think about it you'll be like, Hmmm, that's kinda weird." - Simone Green to AllHipHopDX - December 2011

If there is any truth to the confession letter the killing of Tupac and attempt on Suge’s life may have been kept from Suge for years. Six days ago a puzzle piece emerged that says Suge was in the crosshairs the night Tupac was murdered. In the immediate aftermath of the Shakur killing and Knight’s incarceration for a probation violation, there was total chaos at Death Row Records. Equipment, furniture, motorcycles, cars, and master tapes were disappearing. Once Reggie Wright was put in charge all of the chaos ended.

Details of the shooting last night are not yet available I would hope that the confession letter would be fully investigated by law enforcement. I would also hope that all relevant documents can be released to the public instead of leaked to stall the investigation.

            There is a rash of violence tied to Tupac’s murder including the slaying of Biggie Smalls on March 9, 1997. The similarity of the murders is compelling. There are two differences that stand out. The Tupac slaying was a wide pattern of bullets (bullets hit all over the car) with regular bullets being used. The Biggie killing is the same type of drive-by with a relatively tight pattern (bullets hit Biggie’s door) and armor-piercing GECO rounds used seeming to indicate that this hit was done professionally. The shootings are identical except for an experience modification. If the same people planned both murders, they would have learned something valuable from Tupac’s killing substituting a shooter that spent time shooting for accuracy as well as adding armor piercing ammunition to better pierce the car.

The family of Biggie Smalls sued LAPD and the City of Los Angeles claiming that LAPD officers participated in the killing of Biggie Smalls. A mistrial was declared when it was learned that thousands of documents had been withheld in the discovery process by LAPD. Now LAPD has leaked a document that could be the Rosetta stone to solving the case.

            Here is the error-ridden leaked confession letter: There was a major problem with demo stilling. 2 song’s that 2 pac came out with were written by little half dead. little half dead was a up and coming rap singer. He gave 4 demo’s to 2 pac to look over, because he meat 2 pac at the bonavenchur Hotel. 2 pac promised that he would look over the demo’s. little half dead never heard from 2 pac, and 3 months later, after 2 pac revised the demo’s the song brenda’s got a baby was released. Brenda’s got a baby was written by little half dead. little half dead let that slide. But he continued to go to different recording studios. Finally in 94 little half dead started making money. And he was sponsord mostly by Sh Night. What Night did not know was that little half dead found out that he was being sold to Priority 1. There was a meeting in Reno. And little half dead and 2 pac had dispute about song’s that were taken. little half dead was beaten down by 2 pac Soldiers. As day’s went by there was meeting’s with ICG – gear gang – ghost town – front street – 52 - A Try hoover’s - and South Park, A bounty was put on 2 pac and Night. Mr. Writh Jr. gave Info where 2 pac was going to be. There was 6 different barricades that no matter what would of happened no one would of made it out. I was the shooter that was told to take Night out. little half dead was the one that took 2 pac out. As for gun that was used, will be dropped off at the security booth at fox 11. please do not have stop or talk to one of my droppin off the gun.

Tell X-con how you whant it deliverd. I don’t whant to put it in a box cause I don’t whant you thinking it’s a bomb. If you need any other Info, give X-con a list so I can meet him were I feel I am in more control. If you would like, I can call you on a safe number and give you details of the clothing, cars, streets, and discribe any-thing you need to know to prove that I was there, the night 2 Pac tryed to escape, like a little pee-on bitch.

If we want this case solved I think the public needs to participate in getting to the bottom of the killings. I would invite anyone that has any documents that relate to the Tupac or Biggie killings to submit them to me and we can release them all on December 1st 2014 simultaneously in what what I am going to call Tupacileaks. LAPD withheld documents in the civil trial and started the leaking with this confession letter… let’s all get behind solving the case by putting together the dots and pouring through the documents. There are hundreds of public and private records – court cases, interviews, videotapes, and photographs. Let’s put them all in one place and release them on December 1st 2014. The blood of those murdered demand justice. Send your documents to:

To order Tupac:187 Click on the link below
Available January 5th on 
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To Interview RJ Bond or Michael Carlin call 424.646.0207

Community Policing - Taking the Blinders Off of Justice

by Michael Douglas Carlin (Originally appeared on 9/23/2014)

There has been a transformation over at LAPD. It took time and it took community involvement. It took uprooting a mentality of suppression-driven law enforcement. It took involving the community in prevention of crime rather than the suppression of crime. The numbers are in and it is working. Crime rates are at historic lows in spite of all of the budget cuts. The strategy is more efficient and it is saving lives.

Now we have a Sheriff's Department mired in controversy. Twenty Federal Indictments have been handed down and there is a cloud over the department that seems to mirror the recent past of LAPD. The time has come to uproot this old mentality inside of the Sheriff's and there is a clear choice to lead the charge. Who better than one of the catalysts for change at LAPD? Who better than a man that is currently running a department, and running it well, with many of the challenges and complexities inside of the Sheriff's Department? Who better than a man that has spent three decades inside of law enforcement in the Los Angeles area?

There are many choices on the ballet this June but one choice stands out above the rest. There is one candidate that can rally the community better than the others to achieve community policing. He is the candidate we deserve and the one that we need. Just look at all of the endorsements Jim McDonnell has received. The list includes: District Attorney Jackie Lacey, Former District Attorney Steve Cooley, Former District Attorney Gil Garcetti, Police Chief Charlie Beck, many other police chiefs, former Governor George Deukmejian, members of Congress, Assembly members, local politicians and many many community leaders.

If this new era of Community Policing is to take root at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department it is going to come from a Sheriff that can rally the entire community to get involved in continuing to make our community safe. When the entire community participates in law enforcement justice is no longer blind. Jim McDonnell is the logical next step in removing the blinders from Justice. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

4 Ways to Improve Your Move (Features) (On Target)

Article By Lance Cpl. Remington Hall
It’s moving season and Uncle Sam’s got your back. gave us all the info you need for a smooth transition from one place to another. Here are 4 things you (probably) didn’t know about moving in the Corps. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Rocco DeFilippis)

It’s moving season and Uncle Sam’s got your back. We have all the info you need for a smooth transition from one place to another. Here are 4 things you (probably) didn’t know about moving in the Corps. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Rocco DeFilippis)

It’s moving season and Uncle Sam’s got your back. Fred Hyden, the section lead for Personal Property and Passenger Transportation, oversees and writes policy for the Defense Personal Property Program, or as we may know it: the household moving goods program. Hyden gave us all the info you need for a smooth transition from one place to another. Here are 4 things you (probably) didn’t know about moving in the Corps.

Teach Yourself How to Move

Received orders and not sure where to get started? Visit The Defense Personal Property System provides personalized online “self counseling” instructions for how to move. All you have to do is visit the site, click on the “before you move” tab and find “DPS How-to Guides”. Open the “Self Counseling” link and walk through the rest of the instructions. The important thing about moving is making sure you’ve got everything ready to go. There are little things, like disconnecting your washing machine or dishwasher, that need to be done before the movers arrive. Bottom line: if you’re not ready, you’re not moving.

How Much Stuff Can You Move?

Marines are allowed to move a specific weight of household items, depending on their rank and marital status. For example, a single sergeant is allowed to move up to 7,000 lbs, while a married sergeant would receive an allowance for up to 8,000 lbs. The same goes for officers, with a single captain being allowed 13,000 lbs and a married one allowed 14,500 lbs. On the contrary, if your prescribed weight limit doesn’t fit your needs, you can always send in a request for a higher weight allowance at your  transportation office. Check out the DPS Weight Allowance Chart.

It’s Your Stuff, and You’re in Charge

Have you ever been skeptical about the movers or anyone else breaking your stuff?  Don’t worry, according to DPS regulations, you are the supervisor and can make sure no one is mistreating your things. Also, if anything is damaged during the move, DPS will reimburse you for the current cost, or replace it with an equivalent item.

What if I’m moving, but don’t have a place to move into, yet?

Say no more. You can store your goods for up to 90 days in a storage facility at the government’s expense. As long as the member’s order and/or transportation authorization is valid, delivery out of storage — regardless of how long it has been there — is on the house. This includes shipments that have been converted to storage at the member’s expense.

by lisetteleyva via Marines Blog

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Steps for Bataan (Corps Connections) (Marines Uncovered)

Article By Sgt. Justin Boling

Sgt. Maj. Justin Lehew, the Training and Education Command Sergeant Major, and two other Marines looked at the dunes making up the White Sands National Monument, New Mexico March 21. These dunes of white spread for 200 miles in all directions and can be seen from space. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Justin Boling/Released)

Sgt. Maj. Justin Lehew, the Training and Education Command Sergeant Major, and two other Marines looked at the dunes making up the White Sands National Monument, New Mexico March 21. These dunes of white spread for 200 miles in all directions and can be seen from space. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Justin Boling/Released)

A few weeks ago, I edited a commentary written by Navy Cross recipient Sgt. Maj. Justin Lehew, sergeant major of Training and Education Command at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia. The story was about his experience walking the Bataan Memorial Death March at White Sand Missile Range, New Mexico in 2014.

It was a well-written piece and I enjoyed reading it. Little did I know, in a few weeks I would have the opportunity to share the experience with him and two other Marines.

Land of Enchantment

The topography of New Mexico is similar to Helmand Province, Afghanistan, but with more rocks and desert vegetation. It looked like the place was sort of removed from time. Old vehicles from the 1950s and 60s sit in the yards of rundown houses and shutdown businesses.

Upon arrival at the airport, I rode with Sgt. Chris Parnelli, a financial management resource analyst for Training and Education Command and Cpl. Cody Jones, a driver for the commanding general of the same command, on a trip from El Paso, Texas. We joked about the state of New Mexico being the land of enchantment. You see scant life until you pass through Las Cruces, New Mexico. Rundown buildings and broke down vehicles are seemingly misplaced in the mountainous, desert landscape.

My cohorts and I rode through the desert toward White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. To say the installation is secluded would be an understatement. It is nestled at the base of two large mountain ranges with nothing around it for 50 miles. Its isolation is expected since it was the testing ground of the Trinity Project, the test of the Atomic Bomb during World War II.

Glistening White Sands of New Mexico

Sgt. Maj. Lehew arrived the following evening and contacted us; he referred to us as his boys. We made plans to go and visit some of the sites, which I thought was a novel idea seeing there was nothing around within view.

Sergeant Major said that after our first stop we would understand why they call this place White Sands. We packed into Sergeant Major’s black ram pick-up he was renting and started to make our way to White Sands National Monument.

After about 30 minutes or so, we started to see 12-foot-tall dunes dotted with desert vegetation. You could see through the scraggly plants the purest white sand beneath. After a short stop at the museum located at the national park, I learned the color is a factor of the sands consisting nearly entirely of gypsum, the mineral found in dry wall. These dunes of white spread for 200 miles in all directions and can be seen from space. The sand is held in place due to the large underground lake, so these pristine dunes never shift outside of the circumference of this white blemish on the face of the planet.

Ham the Astrochimp

The next point of the tour was hidden in the city of Alamagordo, New Mexico, which, although secluded and out of the way, actually holds a vast treasury of history.

We parked in front of a beautiful, golden-glass-gilded, cube-shaped building in the hills overlooking the city time forgot. Walking up the steps toward the building there were numerous static displays of rockets, engines, and observation equipment. After getting an eye full of the outside, we entered the New Mexico Museum of Space History.

The museum is home of the International Space Hall of Fame pays tribute to all who dedicated their lives to space exploration or at least contributed to the overall idea. Every single artifact, from engines the size of cars to space toilets, could be observed or touched. I didn’t touch the toilet, of course.

The museum is also the final resting of arguably one of America’s greatest heroes, Ham, the ‘Astrochimp.’ Ham was the first Hominidae launched into space by NASA, Jan. 31, 1961.

His remains are buried under a small monument stone. Sergeant Major said, “It truly is a shame what happened to this American hero. He was the first monkey in space and he gets buried in Alamogordo.”

The Little Engine That Could

I will preface this with saying although I enjoy staying active and outdoors; this event was, to date, one of the hardest physical experiences of my life. My heart goes out to my brothers and soon to be sisters in the infantry, who hike like this on the regular.

Every painful step of this 26.2-mile hike gave me only a small taste of what the 60,000 American and Filipino prisoners of war experienced at the hands of the Japanese Imperial Army in April 1942 in the Philippines.

The opening ceremony of the event culminated with an honorary roll call of the Bataan Death March survivors. Before this segment of the ceremony, the men were pallid statues covered with blankets being assisted by their accompanying caregivers. As soon as their names rang out breaking the pin-drop hearing silence of the cool desert morning air, their voices mustered so much power. My back straightened and the event took on a reality I had not experienced while training or traveling around Southern New Mexico.

Not long after, myself and the other Marines from the National Capital Region began our long trip on foot wearing plate carriers and whatever else we thought we might need to overcome our small taste of Bataan Death March. Of course I wore my trustee camera bag armed with my weapon of choice, a Canon 5D Mark II.

The first seven miles, the speeches, survivor roll call, taps and the cannon fire invigorated me. Soon I wore palm size blisters across the balls of my feet, which slowed me to a near snail’s pace. At this point Sgt. Parnelli, an avid marathon runner, took off like he had wings on his feet and I would not see him again till the end of the march. I had to keep going. I wanted to finish and I knew it was going to get worse. I had entered the “little engine that could” mode.

Members of a Navy JROTC program participate in the Bataan Memorial Death March at White Sand Missile Range, New Mexico March 22. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Justin Boling/Released)

I walked with Sergeant Major for the majority of the march. We spoke about leadership, family and the future. I am not much of a fan boy, but I can honestly say he is man I am proud to look up to for the rest of my life. The humility, care and strength he exudes is something I want to grow and emulate in myself. My personal favorite trait is a realness, which I think can be often lost as you gain rank and stack up accomplishment after accomplishment. Also, his father was part of the D-Day invasion in World War II, and his brother managed the Grateful Dead, yes Dead Heads, you just read that.

After about the first nine miles you start heading up a road toward the mountains. I thought the place was desolate but as I continued to walk up and down the sandy inclines, which circled a small mountain, I was certain I was not in Kansas anymore. I sat down to change boots when Cpl. Jones caught up and he saw my feet. We laughed when he said, after seeing the giant blood filled blisters on feet that his encouragement was halfhearted and really he was saying, oh man this guy is not going to make it.

The cool morning air was violently ripped away from me and replaced with the baking heat of the desert. I emptied and filled up my camel back three times through miles 16 to 20. The water was mainly mental and to maintain a healthy core temperature. Any nourishment I put into my body at this point was not going to help my aching back and cramping legs.

I chugged along slowly until mile 20. Sergeant Major had warned all of us about the two-mile-long inclined sandpit, which came up swiftly after the mile marker. True to his word, this segment of the course was a game-ender for many marchers. Search and Rescue, border patrol and medical personnel patrolled this area constantly. It was not an uncommon sight to see them load up with the body of a broken marcher.

After a grueling hour or so I made it to the long road toward the missile range. My legs had all locked up. My feet were numb from pain. My face was hot to the touch, but I still continued. I wondered how the men on the Bataan Death March felt. They knew that any slowing down or outcry would earn them a bayonet in their ribs or sound blow courtesy of their captors.

I finally made it to the low stone and mortar wall, which separated base housing and I could see the two water towers marking the last mile or so of my trek. At the first water tower I caught up to Sergeant Major, who looked pleased to know all his boys made it to the end. He later let me know he could tell how much pain I was in, because I would shut my mouth long enough to grunt for a few hundred yards or so and then continue with pleasantries. I love to talk, okay, anyone, who knows me will tell you I am loud and I love to learn about people.

I could see the final stretch. It was in site I could hear the beep of the chip tracker signaling the record of my journey through the desert. I saw Cpl. Jones, who yelled, “Good job, Sergeant!”

People were cheering and screaming.

After finishing the race, Sergeant Major and his boys, which I am proud to be, formed a reflexive security perimeter of sorts and laid on our packs next to the finish line. We all just passed out right there. We woke up 30 minutes later to Sergeant Major smiling as he said Marines could sleep anywhere.

In Memoriam

After 10 hours spent wandering through the desert, sleep did not come easy when I laid down that night. My lower body ached and all I could think about was, “What if I had to march knowing I may never see my loved ones again, like the prisoners, who walked the 60 miles urged on by the Japanese Imperial Army?”

All I had to do was reach the finish line. The men, who survived the death march in 1942, were loaded onto unmarked boats. Some boats were sunk by U.S. vessels, which had no idea fellow Americans and Filipino troops were aboard.

I finally found sleep and when I woke up I could walk again. I took steps much like a baby gazelle first learning to walk, shaky and knocked-kneed. My limp reminded me of the physical and mental trial I endured, the minuscule taste of pain I shared with the Marines from TECOM, and the memory of the Battling Bastards of Bataan.

by allybeiswanger via Marines Blog

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Peace on Earth? Good Will? Peace is a choice... Choose Peace!

Michael Douglas Carlin

Peace on Earth? Good Will? Peace is a choice…Choose Peace!

Ten thousand years of studying the “Human Condition” has led us to conclude that there is a path to the dream that so many have shed their blood attempting to build. Their sacrifice was NOT in vain. They believed that a time for peace would come. The Old Testament talks about there being a season for every purpose under heaven and then at the very end comes THE TIME FOR PEACE. We are at a crucial juncture where the choice is clear. We can choose destruction or we can choose redemption. Humankind always rises to the challenges that are before us. We will no doubt rise to this challenge.

There will always be the naysayers that claim that Peace is simply not attainable. I would join them except that I have seen bitter prejudice turn into deep and abiding love. I have witnessed hatred give way to tolerance and then to understanding and then to true love. I have seen a single man travel down this path through his choices of education over ignorance. If it is possible for a single man to make this journey then it is possible for a family, then a village, a province, a Nation and then the World to also travel this path.

We are now in the Holiday Season where countless songs will be sung about attaining Peace On Earth. Would these songs have been written if there wasn’t faith that this was attainable? Would so many embrace these songs if they didn’t believe? Would so many fight and die if they didn’t believe that a time for Peace would come to the world? Today I ask you to make a choice! Choose Peace! I ask you to quell the naysayers and make a conscious decision to move toward “World Peace”. We who want and work toward “Peace” are not “whack jobs” that want to hold hands and sing songs to bring about Peace. We are people that have developed a clear path that will lead STEP BY STEP toward World Peace.

Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, Christians, Jews, all are united in their belief that Peace is attainable. I recently published a book called “A Prescription For Peace” that is a series of essays documenting the philosophy behind a group of relief workers led by Sir Edward A. Artis. They all believe that Peace can be attained through following a series of steps to give prosperity to the entire world. The basic building blocks of society are the foundation to bring about “World Peace”.

Excluding any group of people for inclusion in economic prosperity is a recipe for retaliation, terrorism and war. Drawing a circle that includes every man, woman and child alive is not only the path for peace but it is the right thing to do. The Army calls this SWEAT MS which means “sewage, water, electricity, academics, trash, medical and security”. In the book I outline my conclusion – Food (including clean water), Shelter, Health Care, Personal Security, Education, Rule of Law, Forgiveness, Empowerment of Women and Jobs as being the elements that will lead to Peace. We can all discuss the details of the Peace and arrive at our own conclusions but the fact that the discussion continues means that we are close to a practical path to making the dream a reality.

If every single person alive took the Hippocratic Oath to “first do no harm”, the world would be a much better place. If we all applied it to our business and family lives we would prosper. If we all applied it to the environment, and ecology we would develop business models that were sustainable, renewable, and replicable.

As a companion to the book we have launched “APrescriptionForPeace.ORG” as a 501(c) 3 to contribute to bringing about “World Peace”. We commit that every dollar donated shall be directed to the application of the principles that are outlined in the book. Obviously, we need to spend a small percentage to keep our NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) in compliance with all State and Federal Regulations. But our commitment is that as near to 100% as possible will be applied to programs that hit the mark. We are working with Sir Edward A. Artis on a number of ongoing projects that we will provide funding to help facilitate in the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Darfur.

We invite you to make a donation to our NGO to help us fund these projects. Please look at your tax deductible donation as an investment in the attainment of World Peace.

The book has drawn some strong comments. One reader wrote in reference to a section that discusses the Israel/Palestine situation: Bulldozing houses is a punishment for blowing up busses.  Every homicide bomber knows that if they go through with their evil plan, their family will lose their home.  If they make the choice that killing 50 Jewish children on a bus is worth their family losing their home…  Yeah, I can’t really feel too bad for them.”

I responded to the comment with the following: “The point that I was attempting to make is that individual rights are the key to lasting Peace. When the families of Palestinians are given money because one of their offspring detonated a suicide bomb in a crowded marketplace that money needs to be intercepted and the incentive removed through due process of law. Conversely, when a family has been located in a home for over 50 years and the home is bulldozed without a trial they need to be compensated through due process of law.

Sweeping statements about what the Jews have done to the Palestinians or what the Palestinians have done to the Jews as justification for further wrongs move both sides away from Peace and proliferate the hatreds that are inbred. Jewish World Watch has the goal of eliminating “genocide” from the earth. I applaud that mission and hope that we can all work to see hatred replaced with not only tolerance but also understanding, that we can see a “rush to judgment” replaced with due process of law.

I believe that a World Court with teeth is one of the foundations to eliminating Genocide as the court brings men and women to justice that commit atrocities.  That court needs to serve all people of all races and all religions. Attempting to justify wrong doing through the interpretation of history is just what this court needs to discourage. History is a great teacher and should be studied. All of humanity should be educated as education is a very basic key to eliminating prejudice and hatred. Every man, woman and child alive have certain inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The rule of law which was really begun by the Jews many centuries ago and is the foundation of all of our laws today must protect one person’s right to pursuit of happiness from interfering with another’s. Everyone deserves personal security because that is the foundation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Food, shelter, health care, education, and a job are also the foundations of peace and every single person that is living today should have all of these elements that provide them the opportunity to have a good life.

The Holiday Season is a tremendous time to think and dream about World Peace. When governments deem the Iron Mace necessary they also need to prepare the Velvet Mace of Civil Affairs to restore basic needs to people that are affected by war or catastrophe. People that have their needs met are less likely to become insurgents because they have something to lose. Those that have something to lose and still choose to fight need to be incarcerated or eliminated.

Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Agnostics, and Atheists all get along on the Westside of Los Angeles because there is an environment of abundance. By helping all of humanity have abundance we can not only hope and dream about World Peace, we can make it a reality.

I spoke recently in Century City at the Rotary Club’s event to honor Sherry Lansing. I summed up my talk by stating “our work will not be done until every man, woman and child alive has three square meals a day, a roof over their heads, access to quality health care,  personal security, an education and a job.”

I believe that this is a Prescription for Peace and hope that we can partner with YOU in areas like Burma to bring this from the theory stage to the elimination of atrocities and the establishment of a lasting and abiding PEACE.

I really do appreciate you taking time out of your day to write to me. I know that time is precious and that we can all learn from each other. I found your comments enlightening and hope that this is only the beginning of a dialogue that will lead to solid steps to bring about lasting PEACE one country at a time and one person at a time. We need every man, woman and child to buy into the concept of PEACE – to CHOOSE PEACE for it to become a reality. I want you to know that I am your partner in PEACE and that I know Sir Edward Artis is also your partner. He is the servant of humanity. If there is a project that we can collaborate on I would be honored to help and I know he would too. His thirty five years of working in the trenches can be a tremendous asset to any organization and it is available for the asking. Throughout those years funding has come through non religious sources as well as many faith based organizations as well…including Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. I would invite you to begin a meaningful dialogue with Sir Edward and discuss Burma if that is an area you intend to elevate. There are some opportunities there that can be leveraged with a proper strategy. I would invite you to begin discussions with Sir Edward to develop that strategy.”

The United States of America is the first Nation in the History of the World to forgive at the end of a war and to then appeal to economic “best interests” to heal relations and to trade with our former enemy. We did this at the end of the Revolution, Civil War, War of 1812, Mexican America War, Spanish American War, World War I, World War II. Forgiveness leads to rebuilding our enemy and stronger productive relations.

My oldest son is a Warrior and has served two tours in Iraq. When he returned from his second tour he ended every telephone conversation with “Peace” instead of saying “goodbye”. I found it remarkable that a warrior would take up the cause of Peace in such an everyday way. But I found that the discipline of ending every conversation with “Peace” keeps this on my mind. If all of humanity valued World Peace in everyday lives by ending every conversation with the word Peace, it would keep the concept on everybody’s mind and move humanity closer every day as people everywhere were constantly thinking about and discussing “World Peace”.  I would invite you all to begin ending your telephone conversations with the word “Peace”…the more we talk about it the more we are going to move toward it. I have asked you to make a conscious choice for PEACE. You can manifest that choice in your everyday life by ending your telephone conversations with “PEACE”.

Michael Douglas Carlin is a filmmaker, author, and journalist. American Federale is available on iTunesAmazon, and GooglePlayRise a Knight is available on AmazonPeaceful Protests and A Prescription For Peace is available on iTunes.

© 2000 – 2014 Michael Douglas Carlin. All rights reserved.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Outlaw Radio’s Celebrity Cult Following

(This article originally appeared in the July 9th, 2013 edition of the Century City News)

By Michael Douglas Carlin
The news that George Burns had passed away was just breaking when the original denizens assembled for the premiere episode of Outlaw Radio. Magic Matt Alan aka "Mr. Cigar" was hosting with Ronnie Schell, Jack Riley and Sam Denoff as the guests. The concept of the show is about as Americana as it gets - people sitting on the front porch drinking, smoking and talking, having a conversation about life. That day each guest remembered an encounter with George Burns who was known as a cigar smoker. Jack Riley said on live radio, “We drink, We smoke, We interrupt.” And the Outlaw Radio motto has lasted to this day.

Lori Downey Jr. produces the Outlaw Radio show, maintaining the same charm that was originally envisioned, bringing “down home” conversation to the airwaves. The guests are a steady stream of the who’s who of politics, show business, and people plucked from newspaper headlines. The show isn’t politically driven but it doesn’t skirt political issues either. It has become the radio show with a celebrity cult following with listeners tuning in from their various gigs around the world.

Matt is currently on Sirius Radio doing the Morning Drive in both Los Angeles and New York - the two biggest markets in the country. The Saturday show, Outlaw Radio, gives him a break from the normal routine. Recently, he took a few days off to star in the Burt Reynolds movie, Category Five, about five families weathering a hurricane.

Lori is the widow of the late Morton Downey Jr. Matt recalls meeting her, expecting to find a gold digger. Instead, he found a hard working, accomplished performer, who was totally in love with her late husband. They immediately became friends, then an item seven years ago when their friendship blossomed. The two are inseparable – they often complete each other’s sentences. Most men would be intimidated by the shadow of Morton Downey Jr. but Matt pays daily homage to the icon. Matt’s political views line up exactly, as does his sense of story when every day he creates what is great radio.

Radio was pronounced dead when television was born in 1956, but radio could not be more alive with today’s technological advances that have brought us Satellite and Internet broadcasts. Magic Matt and Lori are poised to benefit from the merging of all platforms. There will undoubtedly be opportunities in television soon as each of their shows is ripe for a visual outlet to augment the existing audio outlet.

“We drink, We smoke, We interrupt” has led to some great radio moments. One recent guest was Billy Vera, who wrote the quintessential break-up song, At This Moment. On that show there was a very public breakup happening that was totally unscripted. It sounds like a set-up but it wasn’t. Henry Hill was a guest on the show, and presented a painting he did of a rat. Pierre Salinger came on the show and told the story about being sent to Cuba to purchase 500 boxes of cigars for President Kennedy. When Salinger arrived back in Washington he reported to Kennedy that he acquired the cigars and watched Kennedy sign into law the Cuban embargo just moments later.

Meatloaf, Anna Nicole Smith, Rudy Giuliani, Dan Haggerty, Milton Berle, Ryan Stiles, Chuck McCann, Elliott Gould, Dom Deluise, and literally hundreds of other celebrities have appeared on the show. There have been arguments and reconciliations. Ten thousand cigars have been smoked and thousands of gallons of alcohol consumed but the laughter has never faded. Each of the current guests are funny and we are always only six days away from a new Outlaw Radio show that will make us laugh.

I ask about the influence of Morton Downey Jr. on the show and touch a nerve, but not for the reasons you might think. Recently a film has been released as a “so called” documentary on the life of this icon. Lori begins by telling me about the heart of Morton Downey Jr. who helped the homeless, gave people jobs and made their careers and championed freedom in America - none of which made it into this film. Opportunists (filmmakers) used unauthorized footage to sensationalize the life of Morton. The filmmakers interviewed disgruntled former employees and people with an ax to grind and didn’t really capture the essence of who this man was. Clearly he created a persona for television much like what Stephen Colbert and Jerry Springer have done. When the show was over he walked off the set as a real person. Lori is animated when she discusses her late husband and Matt looks on with admiration. We see that she loves Morton even now - we also see that Matt loves her. When the conversation turns back to the radio show Lori looks at Matt the same way… The secret ingredient in Outlaw Radio is love. Love for each other, the guests, and America. Outlaw Radio is Americana.

Citizen of the Year

(This article originally appeared in the May 13th, 2013 edition of the Century City News)

by Michael Douglas Carlin
A year and a half I have sat next to Carl Schlossberg who has recently been named Citizen of the Year by the Century City Chamber of Commerce. I have sat next to him at the Art Council and the Sculpture Committee meetings and I have been his student. I have listened to his eloquent talks about the importance of art. I have learned to appreciate so much more the expressions of artists that enrich our lives. I was there that very first day when he presented his vision for the very first curated public art show along Avenue of the Stars. He bridged the gap for all of us newbies to public art by showing us how it would look. He spoon fed us until his vision became our vision. He spoon fed the building managers, city officials, board of the Chamber, sponsors, landscaping experts, building inspectors, and publicity people. We all had the experience of a lifetime as we walked the project through from inception to fruition. We all learned from his skilled hand and benefitted from knowledge he spent his lifetime acquiring.

We grew from the experience. We were all touched by his passion for the arts. We all borrowed his tremendous stature in the world of art and it is time to recognize the heft he has brought to Century City to match the heft that is all around us within this “one of a kind” community.

The previous Citizens of the Year have all been worthy recipients but honoring Carl Schlossberg has a special sweetness as he has giving us the gift of art to appreciate in Century City.


The Century City Chamber of Commerce announced its Citizen of the Year honorees for 2013: Carl Schlosberg, Fine Arts Dealer and Curator, and Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P, a litigation-focused law firm that has gained national recognition for its pro bono representations. An awards luncheon will take place at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on Thursday, May 23, 2013. For more than 30 years, the Century City Chamber of Commerce has selected an individual and company who exemplify excellence in corporate and community relations to bestow its highest civic recognition award, Citizen of the Year. Keynote Speaker, Dan Schnur, Director of the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics at USC, will address the audience at this annual event that attracts more than 200 civic leaders and business professionals from the greater Los Angeles area. As an expert in political strategy, campaign communication and government reform, Dan will share insight on the race results for Los Angeles’ Mayor, City Controller and City Attorney, which are held two days prior to the awards luncheon.

Carl Schlosberg, the 2013 Individual Citizen of the Year, has been a fine arts dealer for more than 40 years. He has exhibited sculpture in the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills to the fields and parks of Malibu. Carl’s most recent project was as curator of the one-mile outdoor exhibition, “Gwynn Murrill on Avenue of the Stars.”

Carl has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles magazine, Daily News and other notable publications. Carl has been Chairman of the Sculpture Garden Committee of the University of Judaism; has led private tours of major sculpture gardens in the Northeast; and is a founder of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and the Skirball Cultural Center. He currently chairs the Sculpture Committee of the Century City Chamber of Commerce Arts Council.

The 2013 Corporate Citizen of the Year, Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P., is a litigation firm with clients from Fortune 500 corporations and emerging markets to entrepreneurs and individuals as both plaintiffs and defendants. The firm, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary and has more than 240 lawyers located in Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York and Naples, FL, has long been recognized for its pro bono work.

Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P. has received The National Law Journal’s 2011 Pro Bono Award and was selected as a Pro Bono Firm of 2010 by Law360. The American Lawyer ranked the firm eighth in the country in the 2011 Pro Bono Survey, and twice named the firm to the A-List (2007 and 2004). The firm has also regularly received a top ranking for litigation from Chambers USA and was chosen as a “Go-To Law Firm” by Corporate Counsel. Its Century City office is comprised of approximately 40 attorneys and is the recipient of the Citizen of the Year award.

“We are thrilled to name Carl Schlosberg and Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi as our Individual and Corporate Citizens of the Year,” says Susan Bursk, President and CEO of the Century City Chamber of Commerce. “They are dedicated to serving the needs of those in the local community and beyond, making them very deserving of the award.”

Sponsors include Century Park, Watt Plaza, Fox Studios, Williams Data Management, Westfield, The Plaza, Constellation Place, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, L.L.P., and Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P. The 2013 Citizen of the Year Awards Luncheon begins at 11:30 a.m. To reserve your seat or company table, please visit the Chamber’s website at: or call the office at 310-553-2222.

The Century City Chamber of Commerce is a vibrant and dynamic organization, and one of Los Angeles’ most active, involved and relationship-driven chambers. The Chamber places special emphasis on its members working together through its councils to build better relationships and create effective programs and events that help businesses expand their reach into the marketplace. For more information on the Chamber, visit our website or contact our office.

Capitalism vs. Socialism - Why Not Have Both?

(This article originally appeared in the Century City News as authored by Michael Douglas Carlin)

There rages a debate in America about Capitalism versus Socialism. The fact is that there is middle ground where both can peacefully co-exist. The best of both systems will bring about the greatest era of peace and prosperity.

We can have peace in our lifetime if we all do our part.

This must be a partnership of every individual, non-profit organization, corporation, and government - all working together to bring the basic needs to all of humanity.

It is time for humanity to grow up. Our "Identity Crisis" is ridiculous. We run around like little spoiled brats sweeping our messes under the carpet rather than deal with them in a forthright manner. Turning a blind eye to problems like homelessness ends up costing more than facing the problem with housing, meals, and services that recycle lives and get them back on the road as productive members of society.

The debate between Socialism and Capitalism continues because of the merits of both systems. We hear the entrepreneur say, "I pulled myself up by my own bootstraps and was never given a thing…why should we give them anything?" We also hear those that have been helped by social programs say, "I reached out to the government for help during a time of crisis in my life and now, I own my own business." The engine of capitalism cannot be refuted. It is what has driven the global economy. The benefits of socialism cannot be refuted either. That is why the debate is so compelling.

The overused phrase, "give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime" also has merits. We need to assume nothing during the education process that teaches men, women and children to "fish". We need to understand that in today's complicated world the process of teaching men women and children to fish is a process that may take time. Not everyone has the ability to fish while learning. The reason why we should help people that can't pull themselves up by their own bootstraps is that it is the right thing to do. Helping people while they learn is more humane and costs less than sweeping them under the carpet.

Let's put the debate of Capitalism and Socialism to rest. Turning a blind eye to people who have no ability to "fish" is no longer acceptable. A layer of socialism where not only do we teach men, women and children to "fish" but where that burden is shared by government, corporations, non-profits, and individuals, fueled by Capitalism for those who take personal responsibility and want all that capitalism provides. Two systems living side by side coexisting and flourishing.

Let's move the debate forward to renewable systems that prepare and plan for the next thousand years.

This is A Prescription For Peace:
1. Food
2. Shelter
3. Health Care
4. Personal Safety
5. Education
6. Livelihood
7. Empower Women
All leading to HOPE

Thomas Jefferson wrote the words: "We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"

If we have the right to life then we have the right to three square meals a day, a roof over our head, access to quality health care, personal security, an education and a job. For how could we ever begin to experience liberty or pursue happiness without the basic needs being met.

"Our work will not be done until every man, woman, and child alive has three square meals a day, a roof over their head, access to quality health care, personal security, an education and a job." - Michael Douglas Carlin

Michael Douglas Carlin is the director of the movies Luvicideand American Federale. Recently he completed a ten-year stint as the Publisher and Editor of the Century City News. Here his articles turned into three books: Rise a Knight, A Prescription for Peace, and Peaceful Protests. Michael Carlin was born in Los Angeles in 1962. He grew up in the entertainment business. His grandfather was a teamster whose last movie was Jaws with stories of working for Cecil B. DeMille, Howard Hughes, and Samuel Goldwyn. His father was a lighting director and Michael grew up on the sets of King Kong, Who Will Stop The Rain, The Fury and the series Chips. The family founded lighting and grip company Keylite PSI that supplied equipment on Ordinary People, The Untouchables, Boyz In The Hood, Platoon, JFK, Reservoir Dogs, and hundreds of other feature films and thousands of hours of television. For many years Carlin ran the family business and managed independent studios. He worked also in the entertainment industry as an actor, lighting technician, grip, cameraman, production manager, producer, and director. Carlin also published The Entertainment Funding Sourcebook, The Studio White Pages, and Media and Entertainment Institutional Investors.

End Racism Forever... One Person at a Time... Starting With You

Racism is ugly. Racism is hurtful. Racism is dangerous. Racism eliminates logic and reason and leads to violence and personal attacks. Racism leads to war. Racism leads to genocide. Racism leads to conflict. Racism tears at the fabric of humanity. Racism is unnecessary and inefficient for the future of our world. But how can it end? It seems do deep rooted within our DNA.

Hope springs eternal from each of us. We want a better world and that world is just a moment away as each of us decide within ourselves to be the catalyst for change. Warhol called it six degrees of separation. Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter are proving that humanity truly is a number of degrees of separation from each other. I am often amazed at how many mutual friends I have on my facebook account with my friends. We are all so connected to each other and we are only just discovering how connected we really are. We can build upon those connections to change the world but it all begins with the individual. 

Each time a life changes for the better the world also changes. Waiting for government to solve all of our problems isn't the answer. Change must come a single person at a time. Then one by one each raindrop falls into a puddle, a stream, a lake, and then an ocean of change. Each of us is a raindrop. Change begins within each of us.

The power to end racism is in your hands. Politicians take an oath of office. Doctors take the hypocratic oath. Witnesses take an oath in court to tell the truth. Knights have taken oaths for over a thousand years. Oaths are also deeply rooted within our DNA. What if each of us took an oath to never discriminate against any human for any reason? What if we all asked our friends to do the same and they in turn asked their friends to take the same oath?

Wouldn't we see a wave of tolerance followed by an even more important wave of understanding? We might see the end of racism in all of its ugly forms swept from the world. We might see all negotiations on the global stage void of anything except logic and reason to bring about a new era of world peace.

There are so many things that divide us... can this be the single thing that unites us? Can we all take an oath never to discriminate against any human for any reason? 

I have taken this oath and I implore all of you to do the same. Make it meaningfull! Make it sacred! Kneel on both knees and have a few witnesses share this moment with you. I promise you that you will feel the change deep within your soul. I promise you that you will get up and walk a different life. It seems so simple yet so powerful.

We have it in us to end racism forever. Let's all kneel and take the oath together. A better world awaits...

The Cartel Will Continue

Forbes magazine listed the net worth of El Chapo Guzman at one billion. That seems a little light in that Acosta expanded the Cartel to new heights. In 2003 the estimated annual drug trade was 321 billion dollars. On February 22nd El Chapo Guzman was arrested; his cartel stretched across 50 countries. His drugs are responsible for 40% of all illegal drugs distributed around the world. His operation was able to outspend the government on training and equipment and for 13 years he lived in a network of safe houses many of which were designed with escape tunnels to flee from threats.

To put this in persepctive in April 1987, when druglord Pablo Acosta was killed he had a net worth of 25 billion dollars. That wealth allowed him to buy politicians, police, and military to protect his vast network of criminal enterprise. The film "American Federale" is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play and it illustrates the scope of this corruption. Lobo worked for the Federal Government in Mexico and he spent half of his time collecting cash that was filtered up to the high officials with each person in the chain taking his or her pinch before sending it up the ladder. When orders came down to take down Pablo Acosta it was for good reason.

When Lobo was tracking Pablo Acosta they would receive information and by the time they passed it up the chain Acosta had been tipped off and was a few steps ahead. In order to execute him they needed to maintain a circle of secrecy. One day a tip came in and they coordinated with the FBI to make a daring dawn raid on his compound. They circumvented normal channels and kept the information close to the vest.

Guzman's aprehension was done in a similar fashion. Doubtful that many of the rank and file Mexican Marines even knew the identity of their target. The Army wasn't informed and neither were local officials for fear they would leak information to Guzman and he would simply slip away. Guzman was known for coming into a restaurant and collecting all cellular telephones. He would dine and pick up the tabs of every patron of the restaurant. I would bet that the Mexican Marines cell phones were all collected prior to the raid. The sincerest form of compliment is emulation. 

American Drug Enforcement Agents, U.S. Marshalls, and Mexican Federales joined forces to track Guzman. They observed the Mexican Marines make the bust without a gun battle. The cat and mouse game that happened with Pablo Acosta and continued with Guzman is now over. The difference that isn't being discussed is that Guzman is alive.

In "American Federale" Lobo tells us that the Mexican Government emphasized that Acosta was to be killed. Nobody wanted him talking about the innerworkings of the cartel. Guzman can provide Mexican and American authorities with insights into who, where, when, and how the cartel operates. 
We have all grown tired of the body count along the border. There is a true desire to end the corruption and this may be the first step. But we all know that power does not give up easily and if we are going to see a new era in the war on drugs be prepared for a long fight.

"American Federale" teaches us that corruption is at every level of society in Mexico. Uprooting it may take a few generations. We all need to be prepared to replace the income ordinary people can earn by participating in the drug trade with real opportunities to put food on the table, a roof over their heads, and a quality of life. Stopping Government officials from looting and fleeing the country will go a long way to keeping avenues of opportunity open in Mexico.

Many are citing this as the end of the war on drugs. I see this as a new beginning... a hopeful beginning...

Michael Carlin has worked in journalism, film production, and publishing for over 30 years.
Carlin recently directed the documentary feature film, "American Federale." This film tells the story of the only American ever to serve as a Mexican Federale – the man who killed drug lord Pablo Acosta. Follow Michael Douglas Carlin on Twitter @MichaelDCarlin

He began with his family owned business, Keylite PSI, Carlin worked in many capacities including Controller, Executive Vice President and Board Member. Keylite supplied the equipment on over 500 feature films and over 3000 hours of television including: "The Untouchables," "Platoon," "JFK," "Hoosiers," and many others. Carlin also spent several years managing studio operations including the Osmond Studios, Valencia Studios, and the Earl Owensby Studios. Carlin left to produce a number of low budget films including: "Prision Planet," "Fraternity Demon," "Campus Hustle," "Now You Know," "Star Trip," and "Knife to a Gunfight." He worked as a Unit Production Manager on "Never on Tuesday," "Campus Hustle" and "Now You Know." Early in his career he published "The Entertainment Funding Sourcebook," "The Studio White Pages," and "Media and Entertainment Institutional Investors." He spent time working for Auto Trader Magazines learning the science of publishing and has launched a number of independent publications including a ten year stint as publisher and editor of the Century City News. He is the author of "A Prescription For Peace," "Peaceful Protests," and "Rise a Knight."