Monday, February 22, 2016

No Agenda Deconstructs the News

by Michael Douglas Carlin

The show is called "No Agenda" - quite a title to live up to. Can you imagine doing a show where you are not pushing your opinion? Can you imagine not pushing your views on your audience? or your products?

The hosts, Adam Curry (@AdamCurry) and John C. Dvorak (@THErealDVORAK) spend their time watching the news and clipping portions of it to deconstruct for their audience.

Have you ever wondered if any of the networks have a bias? Have you ever wondered if they report the facts? Curry and Dvorak will answer these questions and many more with their Thursday and Sunday shows. They report on photoshopped images, lies, inconsistencies, and media distractions. They also point out media agendas and biases. 

This show is a must watch for anyone wanting to discover the truth.

The truth is not always pretty. They are not politically correct so expect to be offended at some point but without an agenda they offend all equally and they takes shots at politicians, media, and public figures.

One of the favorite topics is Donald Trump right now. Recently they provided a scorecard of the media polls and compared them to the recent results in South Carolina. Some of the most respected names are busted for their bias. Those results may be surprising to you. They explain why the Trump candidacy seems to be different than all of the others that have come before. Trump gets a pass on many inconsistencies in his campaign and they do a great job of explaining why the American People don't care about "gotcha" journalism. 

In Sunday's show Curry boils down the Apple vs. United States issue in a way you have never looked at it before. He gives the audience analysis about the issue so that instead of simply reading the headlines you understand the actual issue. He reveals that the iPhone in question is owned by the Department of Health and they have the ability to access the information on this phone. This is simply an incendiary test case for the United States Government. There are many phones sitting awaiting decryption according to Curry. San Bernardino gives them a media friendly case to make a stand on this issue to invoke the word "terrorism." They raise many questions we should be asking.

That is a single agenda they may be guilty of... getting Americans asking more questions. The raw nature of the show is refreshing and it should be put on your schedule. They have created a donation only model and never accept advertising so they don't have to push pharmaceuticals, or other products. Where most podcasts get uncomfortable as they shake down the audience for donations this podcast excels. They make donations fun by making donors producers, knights, dames, and barons.

Producers also fill another important role of providing analysis or information to further the reach of the show. The show is available in many formats. I listen on my iPhone but you can listen on virtually any device.

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