Sunday, February 21, 2016

Why America Needs Donald Trump Now

Donald Trump is a master negotiator. He always grinds a good deal - the best deal possible. He doesn't leave money on the table. Right now with America twenty trillion dollars in debt we need Trump to renegotiate everything in America from how we do business to where we do business and including why we do the things we do. We must get back to balance.

Most Republican candidates lean to the right to get the nomination and then lean back toward the center to get elected. Trump is then only Republican in recent history that is a real person that doesn't simply mirror what people want to hear to get votes. He isn't lying to us and that is why he must become president. People are demanding a change and they are appealing to his candid, non-scripted, truthful campaigning.

Trump was the first candidate to talk about building a wall. From the 2013 documentary film, American Federale we learn that a wall is necessary to contain the corruption south of the Mexican border. Trump began talking about this and there were no other candidates talking about this before he made this a national issue. Now there are many people demanding the border. They are also demanding that anyone here illegally must go back to their countries and reenter the country legally.

Bernie Sanders has been gaining steam with young people but the election is rigged. Bernie cannot win because the Democratic party doesn't trust voters to elect their candidate. They have stacked the deck with Super Delegates. When Hillary is anointed as the candidate of the Democratic party all of those supporters are going to jump ship and back Donald Trump.

Trump isn't just the candidate we deserve, he is the candidate we need. We need him now.

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