Monday, February 22, 2016

Congressional Dish is a Must

by Michael Douglas Carlin

What's going on in Congress? Do you know?

We all get our congressional news from sporadic sources. I know my knowledge of congress was hit and miss before I discovered Congressional Dish. Show host, Jen Briney, reads every page of every Bill Congress votes on even if your representatives don't.

CORRECTION: Briney commented that she now reads most of them as reading everyone became impossible.

What are in those bills? Briney tells us all of the ingredients we wouldn't expect to see legislation. Some of what she reveals will make you mad. In December, I listened to her episode on the huge Bill that funded our government. I was alarmed to learn that inside this bill was the controversial Cyber Security Bill that was unable to get passed earlier in the year. It was virtually hidden inside an over 2000 page bill that Congress was only given hours to read before they voted on it.

Congress has so much power to shape American lives that we must become engaged in learning more about what they do. Briney is here to help us out. Her analysis is not bought and paid for by lobbyists. She is able to tell us the truth about legislation. I was especially refreshed when she dove into controversial GMO's and I was surprised at her take as she invited an expert on her show. Guests are only on the show when they are experts in their fields so they keep the show fresh. I came away understanding more about modified foods.

On a recent episode she tells her listeners how they can buck our political system by running for Congress. She breaks down all of the States and gives us a roadmap to getting elected in the most "Independent Friendly States." Be careful if you listen this may make you mad to know how rigged the system is for members of a political party that will tow party lines. Party members lose funding if they don't vote in the manner the party tells them to vote. This brings up the question of who is really representing us and who is really running the country.

Briney could be part of a movement toward a much more representative government that disseminates information to voters on the Internet.

I listen to this show on my iPhone but it is available on virtually any platform.

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