Wednesday, September 16, 2015

LAPD Leak Has Put Lives In Danger

Public Letter to The Following People:

Read Russell Poole's final words on #Tupac & #Biggie murders 

Michael Douglas Carlin

Police Chief Charlie Beck
100 West 1st Street Room
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Commissioner Steve Soboroff
Commissioner Paula Madison
Commissioner Sandra Figueroa-Villa
Commissioner Kathleen Kim
Commissioner Robert M. Saltzman

Mayor Eric Garcetti

Rick Jacobs
Chief of Staff for Eric Garcetti

District Attorney Jackie Lacey

U.S. Attorney Eileen Maura Decker

Civil Rights Attorney Connie Rice

July 8, 2015

Dear Chief Beck,

Re: LAPD Leak of Confession Letter in the Murder of Rapper Tupac Shakur
IA: CF NO 14-001995

            I wish the circumstances behind writing this letter were different. I was in the audience at the downtown Rotary meeting where you filled-in for Connie Rice, while she was delayed and I became a big fan of the transformation inside of LAPD that you and Connie have led. I have often said that meeting was the single best Rotary meeting I ever attended – keep in mind that I was a Rotarian for a decade.

            I am writing to you today about the leak of the Confession Letter to the murder of rapper Tupac Shakur and attempted murder of Suge Knight, given to LAPD’s Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese, Commander Kevin McCarthy, Captain William Hayes and Detective Daryn Dupree on June 24th, 2014. The first leak occurred on July 7, 2014 by Daryn Dupree’s former partner, Greg Kading. The full letter appeared on August 18th, 2014 and six days later Suge Knight was shot in a West Hollywood nightclub by shooters that said as they shot, “you killed Tupac.”

            We have LAPD cold on the leak. RJ Bond placed a special border on the letter and when the leaked letter appeared it was with that special border. A year ago, Russell Poole and RJ Bond filed IA: CF NO 14-001995 – an Internal Affairs Complaint about the letter.

            I wrote to you on January 9th and June 28th and have not had a response. I would request that you officially respond to this email and certified letter to let me know the disposition of that investigation.

            Many in the community have warned me that my life is now in danger. Recently Reggie Wright Jr. threatened RJ Bond on a YouTube Interview. He said, “it’s not over with me and Mister Bond… If I can take out Biggie or Tupac he shouldn’t be no (sic) problem.” RJ Bond, Russell Poole, and I were not the source of the information that blames Reggie Wright for the killing of Tupac Shakur – LAPD was the clear source of this information when they leaked the Confession Letter and thereby derailed the investigation.

            Reggie Wright Jr. is listed by the City of Los Angeles and the LAPD as a suspect in the murder of Christopher Wallace in court documents I obtained in the Wallace Civil Trial and he is the suspect the Confession Letter says plotted the hit on Suge Knight and Tupac Shakur. He also happens to be a friend of Greg Kading who again is Daryn Dupree’s ex-partner. Reggie Wright Jr. is a former Compton Police Officer and son of former Compton Police Officer and LA County Sheriff, Reggie Wright Sr. Many people fear Reggie Wright Jr. because of his strong ties into law enforcement (he hired all the off-duty police for Death Row Records).

            It gets even more convoluted as Cle “Bone” Sloan – the star witness in the current Suge Knight murder trial worked with Daryn Dupree on the movie “End of Watch.” Why was someone so connected to suspects, in charge of the Tupac and Biggie cases? Was this just an oversight? Or was it intentional?

            Kevin Hackie says he handed the Glock .40 that had been ballistics tested by the FBI to Reggie Wright Jr. and he further says that gun was subsequently used to kill rapper Tupac Shakur. Bodyguard Michael Moore was taken off of guarding Tupac Shakur the night of the shooting because he refused Reggie’s order to disarm. Reggie kept Moore close to him at the time of the shooting and Moore tells of hearing, “Got ‘em” come over Wright’s radio when Tupac Shakur and Suge Knight were shot. The letter supports this evidence and tells that the triggerman, Lil ½ Dead (Donald Smith) had the motive of revenge as a reason to kill Tupac Shakur. On Lil ½ Dead’s 2012 album cover for “Dead Serious” you can see an image of the slain Tupac Shakur.

            Let’s give LAPD the benefit of the doubt. If the Confession Letter was inadvertently handed to a Detective not friendly with the suspect in the murder it would have received a proper investigation. All of those allegedly involved would have been pulled in for questioning and Chris Blatchford, who gave us the letter, would have been contacted and interviewed about the origins of that letter. Valuable time and opportunities have been lost because of the LAPD leak. But there is still hope that LAPD will, in the end, do the right thing even though it leads to further entanglements.

            While pouring over the thousands of pages of case files, in writing the book, Tupac:187, we uncovered that Officer Kevin Gaines (boyfriend of Sharitha Knight who according to the author of the letter was also behind the murders) was on special assignment for LAPD in Las Vegas on the night that Tupac and Suge were shot. Frank Lyga has stated publicly that Kevin Gaines’ murder was a sanctioned “hit” by LAPD. Clearly there were several LAPD Officers in Las Vegas that night and uncovering LAPD involvement in the attempted murder of Suge Knight and murder of Tupac Shakur could prove embarrassing to the department but leaking the letter to avoid that embarrassment and covering up that leak will be far more damaging.

             We simply want the TRUTH wherever that leads!

              You were not the Police Chief during the Rampart Scandal Era. Anything that was done then cannot be blamed on you. You have led a sweeping transformation at LAPD and I applaud those efforts. It is now time for total transparency in the leak of this Confession letter and it is time to re-examine all of the corrupt officers during the Rampart era to air their dirty laundry and if possible bring them to justice. If they participated in the murders of Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace they should be held accountable. If they participated in the attempted murder of Suge Knight they should be held accountable. If there were sanctioned “hits” by LAPD officers everybody involved should be held accountable.

            Los Angeles is the most diverse community that has ever existed. Honor that diversity by solving these crimes and bringing the perpetrators to justice. Tupac and Biggie Fans constantly say that if the artists were white no stone would have been unturned to bring the killers to justice. It is hard to argue with those fans when it appears LAPD is stonewalling the investigation.

            You are aware that the first civil trial in the wrongful death suit of Christopher Wallace was ruled a mistrial when it was discovered that LAPD had withheld thousands of pages of documents that implicated off duty LAPD officers in the murder. You are aware the testimony of Ya May Cristle implicates LAPD in destroying thousands of documents that point to LAPD involvement in the murder of Christopher Wallace. You are also aware that the testimony of Waymond Anderson that derailed the second civil trial was coerced as documents were snuck in for him to review for the case and his testimony was coached. Are we to believe that LAPD had no involvement in rapper Tupac Shakur’s Murder?

            Please examine the clues we have uncovered since the publishing of the book and the clues that continue to pour in. Please help protect those, whose lives are now in danger because of the leak of the Confession Letter in the murder of rapper Tupac Shakur. Many people who were witnesses or sought the truth are now dead but the truth is seeping out and it cannot be stopped.

            Both Russell Poole and I are your partners in bringing the killers to justice. Russell has 19 years with the department and has a very good handle on what steps are necessary to get indictments and convictions. We have posted a snapshot of the relevant information here:

             I have been told that the information in the murder of Mickey Thompson was not near as compelling as this information and that led to a conviction that withstood an appeal. These cases can be solved and the perpetrators can be brought to justice. 

I look forward to seeing this through to a positive conclusion.

All the best,

Michael Douglas Carlin
Author – TUPAC:187


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