Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I Fight For Those Who No Longer Have Voices

By Michael Douglas Carlin

I was driving on the transition today from the 105 Freeway to the 405 Freeway. The island of land in the middle of the transition has become a tent city. They are popping up all around us. We don't hear anything being said about the disenfranchised by our politicians. I doubt that we will hear any candidate for President talk about them because these are people who don't vote.

I wrote to Police Chief Charlie Beck about an injustice that I personally saw that left our world less safe. I have yet to receive a response. I may never receive one. Many of my friends have asked me why I have inserted myself into this Tupac & Biggie case - reaching out and demanding justice - putting myself out there. I want to be able to tell my kids and grandkids that this world is getting better - that no matter what your personal choices, (religion, sexual preference, beliefs, etc.) or your background (race, gender, handicap, etc.) that you will have equal status under the law... but I can't!

Because it isn't true. 

It ought to be.

I thought when I started uncovering evidence about the murders of Tupac and Biggie that Law Enforcement would easily get involved and solve the cases. I still believe they will... but not because it is the right thing to do! They will only get involved when ten thousand Tupac and Biggie fans demand they reopen the cases and get to the truth. WHEN PEOPLE DEMAND IT, THERE WILL BE JUSTICE FOR TUPAC AND BIGGIE and not one minute before.

Two lives were cut short and we were robbed of their creativity. The world was left worse off on the days they were killed.

Tupac and Biggie brought the plight of the streets into American Living Rooms. Who is doing that now? I am not aware of anyone really doing it. Who is telling America about the tent cities popping up all over our city? I am not hearing it. 

If Tupac were alive today I can't imagine him driving by those tent cities and remaining silent. Tupac wasn't about the money... he was about the message and he was silenced. He would have fought for you - can't ten thousand of you turn around and fight for him? Or are you all cowards?

When an injustice anywhere happens this world is less safe. When people don't stand up for injustices it is only a matter of time until those that are put in harm's way are the same people who don't stand up. It happened in Nazi Germany and it can happen here.

Let's all agree to draw a line in the sand and say that two lives matter only because all lives matter. THEY WOULD HAVE AGREED. Those two lives are part of an era of racism in America. Many have pointed out to me that if two white recording artists had been killed that no stone would have been unturned to bring their killers to justice. I wish I lived in a world where two black rappers murders would have the same effect on law enforcement and the people... but it isn't too late to change! It isn't too late for that world, where all people are treated equal under the law, can be ushered in. But it can only be ushered in if all of AMERICA ushers it in.

Martin Luther King's dream had two parts - that we would not be judged by the color of our skin (I include gender, religion, sexual preference, handicap, beliefs, etc.). But the second part is that we judge by the content of character.

I recently have been reading about a prominent Nazi. He was alarmed by the way Adolf Hitler was being portrayed in books and movies because if we are looking for a monster or madman and not a human we won't recognize the next Adolf Hitler. The killers of Tupac and Biggie may have families, they may have regular problems like all of us... but if they are responsible for killing one, two, or more people they are monsters. They should be brought to justice. WE CANNOT ALLOW ANY MURDER TO GO UNSOLVED!

Draw that line in the sand with me and recognize the monster or madman in these killers and bring them to justice. Some of you have clues to the killings and have never before come forward. Please allow murderers to be arrested, arraigned, charged, and judged in a court of law by the content of their characters. 

America will be a little safer when justice is served.

Please tweet to Police Chief Charlie Beck and ask him why a key piece of evidence was leaked by his department instead of being investigated. Ask him to personally see to it that it gets properly investigated. You can find him on Twitter: @LAPDChiefBeck


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