Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tupac:187 May Hold Key To Suge Knight's Freedom

Suge Knight is due back in court on January 27th, 2015. The information contained in Tupac:187 may hold the key to Suge Knight's Freedom. LAPD leaked a confession letter to the attempted murder of Knight and murder of rapper Tupac Shakur when they should have investigated it.

The confession letter was given to Fox 11's Chris Blatchford in 1998. At that time, law enforcement was not interested in the letter. Recently that letter was entrusted to former LAPD Detective Russell Poole. On June 24th, 2014 Russell Poole and RJ Bond (Tupac Assassination Director) visited LAPD and met with four officers. One of those officers had direct ties back to a suspect in the Biggie Smalls Murder that was also mentioned as a suspect in the confession letter. Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese promised Poole and Bond that the confession letter would be handled responsibly and not end up on the streets. On August 18th that letter was leaked and ended up on the streets. Six days later Suge Knight was shot in a West Hollywood nightclub. One witness said that the shooter screamed, "You killed Tupac" as he fired shots at Knight.

Suge Knight would have a potential lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles if it was discovered that the letter led to him being shot on the 24th. But Suge also has a cause of action against the City of Los Angeles because they failed to investigate fully the letter for the attempted murder of Suge Knight in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996. The letter and Chris Blatchford's statement (both are published in Tupac:187) indicate that the conspiracy to murder Tupac Shakur and Suge Knight began in Los Angeles. 

LAPD is currently investigating the leak of the confession letter in IA: CF NO. 14-001995. The current lead investigator in the Christopher Wallace homicide is tied directly back to one of the suspects in the murder. When the letter was received he should have recused himself from the investigation. Instead the letter was leaked and an attempt was made to dismiss and discredit it. LAPD has a history of handing the Christopher Wallace case to Detectives with direct ties to this suspect. Perhaps the time has come for a new face on the investigation as well as the investigation of rapper Tupac Shakur's murder. If the conspiracy to commit Tupac's murder began in Los Angeles then LAPD has jurisdiction in the case. At the time of the murder Death Row Records was based in Los Angeles.

LAPD's sloppy handling of the letter may give Suge Knight the leverage he needs to negotiate a plea arrangement leading to his freedom. Knight's attorney, James Blatt did not return a telephone call inquiring about this case.

Tupac:187 is available on Amazon.com and at Barnes & Nobel.

Michael Douglas Carlin is the author of Tupac:187 about the murders of Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace. He is also the director of the movies Luvicide and American Federale. Recently he completed a ten-year stint as the Publisher and Editor of the Century City News. Here his articles turned into three books: Rise a KnightA Prescription for Peace, and Peaceful Protests. Michael Carlin was born in Los Angeles in 1962. He grew up in the entertainment business. His grandfather was a teamster whose last movie was Jaws with stories of working for Cecil B. DeMille, Howard Hughes, and Samuel Goldwyn. His father was a lighting director and Michael grew up on the sets of King KongWho Will Stop The RainThe Fury and the series Chips. The family founded lighting and grip company Keylite PSI that supplied equipment on Ordinary PeopleThe Untouchables, Boyz In The Hood, Platoon, JFK, Reservoir Dogs, and hundreds of other feature films and thousands of hours of television. For many years Carlin ran the family business and managed independent studios. He worked also in the entertainment industry as an actor, lighting technician, grip, cameraman, production manager, producer, and director. Carlin also published The Entertainment Funding SourcebookThe Studio White Pages, and Media and Entertainment Institutional Investors.

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