Monday, January 29, 2018

Steven Seagal’s Attorney Speaks Out

Anthony Falangetti & Steven Seagal Refute Allegations Made on Megyn Kelly Today

“On behalf of actor and director Steven Seagal, we would like to address the accusations made by Ms. Regina Simons, Begins Anthony Falangetti, former prosecutor and attorney for Steven Seagal. “Mr. Seagal explicitly denies all of her claims.” Seagal adds, “her accusations against me are false and her story is completely fictional and made up."

In the Megyn Kelly interview accuser Regina Simons claims the incident occurred at “his (Seagal’s) Beverly Hills home” in 1993, after filming of the movie, On Deadly Ground.  Said Seagal, “This is false.  She never came to my home by herself or with anyone else.  Moreover, I did not live in Beverly Hills.” Falangetti says, “In the Megyn Kelly interview, Simons provides no description of this home, either the outside or the inside. She hopelessly claimed to have seen a table and a photo of his wife at the time.  Neither supposed observation was insightful or credible.”

Falangetti continues, “The photo that aired on the Megyn Kelly interview failed to show Seagal and Simons together. The photo Megyn Kelly showed is meaningless.  Mr. Seagal is standing twenty feet away from Simons surrounded by a crowd, talking with other people.”

“Simons says she met Seagal while auditioning for the movie, On Deadly Ground; She got the part,” says Megyn Kelly in the teaser leading up to the interview. Falangetti responds, “IMDB lists no credit for her in the movie and she received no screen credit as anyone can check by watching the end credits of the movie. She may have wanted to be an extra in the movie, but she was not. Moreover, her story simply makes no sense.  One example, she claimed that she was so young and inexperienced, that she had to be escorted by her brother to the open call for extras in the movie.  But then, she travels to southern California and drives to a house in Beverly Hills that she has never been to before to attend a Hollywood wrap party all by herself, without friend, family member or agent. This is transparently absurd and lacks any credibility.”

As a former prosecutor Falangetti understands how to evaluate a witness, “A hallmark of false accusations is that they lack credible, specific details.  The tale Ms. Simons has told is bereft of any credible details.  Even after 25 years, a truthful person would remember the details of what happened.  Her claims are vague, generalized and gloss over obvious details.  If she were being honest, she would be able to authenticate her claims with specific facts.  She has none because her claims are completely fabricated.”

“Further, her accusations date back over 20 years.  The California statute of limitations has run out.   Her accusations are only for publicity.  She has had no career in Hollywood of any kind.  Now the opportunity presents itself and we can only assume that she comes forward for her own publicity.”

"Recent reports from news outlets across the country, including this one from FOX news, 'Lisa Bloom sought to line up paydays for women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct: report' on December 15, 2017,  ( are very disturbing and cast doubt on the truthfulness and motives of the women she represents."

Falangetti finishes by stating, "Mr. Seagal is innocent.  All of the accusations against him are false.  It is well known that Steven Seagal does not share the political views of the mainstream in Hollywood.  It seems clear he is being targeted because of his political beliefs.  In the United States of America, the world’s beacon of free speech, and the home of the presumption of innocence, it is tragic that Mr. Seagal afforded neither, while he is being attacked and branded for his beliefs, as well as his courage to speak out."

For further information or to schedule an interview with Mr. Seagal and/or Mr. Falangetti please contact: Michael Douglas Carlin 310.463.4527

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