Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Book "Tupac: 187" Could Lead to Nine-Billion-Dollar Judgment For City of Los Angeles

Read Russell Poole's final words on #Tupac & #Biggie murders 

The City of Los Angeles was sued twice before over their role in the murder of Rapper Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls aka Notorious BIG. The first suit was declared a mistrial when the Wallace attorneys received an anonymous tip that thousands of documents were withheld from them and hidden in LAPD Detective Stephen Katz Desk Drawer. A recess was granted and a beeline was made to Detective Katz' desk where the documents were found that corroborated the assertion that off duty LAPD officers participated in the murder of Christopher Wallace.

A second suit was filed. This time the City of Los Angeles promised the Wallace Estate that they would redouble their efforts if only the suit was dropped. Within minutes of the suit being dismissed without prejudice the Detective who was leading the investigation and denied any and all documents in the Civil Trial was given 30 days to close down the case.

On June 24th, 2014, RJ Bond and Russell Poole brought a confession letter to the LAPD. Attending the meeting were Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese, Commander Kevin McCarthy, Captain William Hayes & Detective Daryn Dupree. Dupree was introduced as the current lead investigator in the Tupac and Biggie Smalls cases. RJ says, "There were assurances given by Chief Albanese that the letter would be handled carefully and that it wouldn't find its way on to the streets."

Daryn Dupree has two convictions from an Administrative Board of Rights where he was found guilty of illegally accessing LAPD computers for information about the girlfriend of a target in an FBI drug probe and using illegally cloned cellphones. Daryn Dupree also happens to be the former partner of the previous detective who was formerly lead in the Biggie Smalls Murder Investigation and who had been ordered to shut down the case minutes after the civil suit was dismissed.

The confession letter appeared on an Internet anarchist website on August 18th. Just six days later Suge Knight was shot in a West Hollywood nightclub. LAPD leaked the letter instead of investigating it as Chief Albanese had promised.

The City of Los Angeles' promise to reinvigorate the investigation into the killing of Christopher Wallace was a bogus ploy to have the case dismissed. Perry Sanders, lead attorney for the Wallace Estate in both civil suits, has confirmed that the case can be re-filed. The City of Los Angeles may still be taken to task for their role in killing rapper Christopher Wallace and for their consistent efforts to cover-up and derail the investigation.

If the City of Los Angeles is found liable they may be forced to pay the Estate of Christopher Wallace a sum equal to what the rapper would have earned during his lifetime; a sum that could total up to three billion dollars. The City may then be forced to pay triple punitive damages to the Wallace Estate. The total exposure for the City of Los Angeles may exceed nine billion dollars.

Two weeks ago I reached out to Mike Feuer, Eric Garcetti, and Ron Galperin to put this situation on their radar screen. Only Ron Galperin responded to me. I advised them to reach out to the Wallace Estate and attempt to reach a pre-emptive settlement. None of them were involved in any of the previous negotiations with the Estate so it may mean a new leaf gets turned over in the case. Either way, the book "Tupac:187" is a roadmap to reignite the Wallace Civil Suit or the investigations into the murders of Tupac and Biggie.

There is an Internal Affairs Investigation into the leak of the confession letter: IA CF NO. 14-001995. So far no disciplinary action has been taken in the case and Detective Daryn Dupree is still heading up the Wallace Investigation.

The City of Los Angeles has the responsibility to do the right thing here in spite of previous corruption within the City of Los Angeles and the LAPD. It is time to settle with the Wallace Estate by following through on the promise to seriously investigate the case by putting someone at the helm who will not leak confidential information and will instead investigate it.

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