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A Political Bombshell: Tupac 187 The Red Knight—Unveils the Secrets of Murder and Mayhem amongst Los Angeles' most Privileged LAPD and Media

TUPAC 187: The Red Knight
By Richard “RJ” Bond and Michael Douglas Carlin
With Contribution by Former L.A.P.D. Detective Russell Poole

A Powerful New Book That Unveils the Secrets of Murder and Mayhem amongst Los Angeles’ most Privileged LAPD and Media, Making this One of the Most Suppressed Crime Stories in American History

If you can handle the truth, read this book. 

It is almost axiomatic to say that historians may lie but history cannot.   Richard “RJ” Bond and Michael Douglas Carlin formidable and meticulously researched expose about one of the most shocking crimes of the last century will disturb and challenge the skeptical, thrill true believers, and astound and anger everyone in-between.  Within these pages, official lies are witheringly demolished and the stark truth, however unseemly, begins to take shape.  This is not a conspiracy theory; it is a conspiracy.  And most explosively, the highest levels of the media are involved and shown to be in league with the worst culprits in the LAPD who buried and obstructed their own investigations.

What do you get when you combine the work of the L.A.P.D. Detective that found justice for Bill Cosby's son and who broke the infamous L.A.P.D. Rampart Scandal to the world, the journalist who dared to follow the Mexican Federale that killed drug lord Pablo Acosta and the award-winning filmmaker who produced the classic "Tupac: Assassination" documentary? You get a whole new group of suspects, motives that support a completely new understanding of the Tupac Shakur and Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace homicides (“187” of the title is the California Penal Code section for Murder) that some in the law enforcement community would rather you not know about.

In this last year Bond and Carlin discovered proof that two of the most infamous murders in entertainment history may have been cast aside by law enforcement in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles, victims of police bureaucracy and cover up. The current Wallace investigation in Los Angeles has been left to one man, whom the L.A.P.D. left to make sure it stayed buried. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police may know who their man is, but were themselves victims of the work of a media smear campaign machine designed to invalidate their work and destroy the credibility of any witness that might have come forward with compelling testimony on the Shakur homicide.  This same media machine was equally effective against the witnesses in the Wallace homicide; even now agents for those responsible are still trying to turn the credibility of key witnesses into “unreliable” sources.  What Bond and Carlin saw was a literal graveyard of dead witnesses and others either to scared or too influenced to step forward. But that was then.

“Tupac 187: The Red Knight” goes back to the beginning of the investigationsthe original police filesand re-examines the people and evidence who have been previously corrupted or ignored. Bond and Carlin strip the Death Row Records disinformation machine of its fallacies, and re-paint the witness disparagement campaigns by the Los Angeles Times with the color of truth. When all is laid out raw and exposed under the book’s harsh light, “187” clearly evidences the power of the mediaboth of 1996 and of todayto not only report newsbut to make it.

Moreover, “187” exposes leaks in the Los Angeles Police Department that may have fatally crippled the investigations in both cases; covert operations to collect up investigation notes and findings, key credible witness testimony hidden in detective’s desk drawers, complaints of Los Angeles Police employees of their work literally disappearing from their computer filesalong with their computersit’s all brought to light. Even in the last year, Bond and former L.A.P.D. Wallace Detective Russell Poole took new information to a meeting with four key L.A.P.D. brass, only to see the body of evidence leaked by one of those in the meeting, to end up on the internetrisking lives and attempting to sabotage the new information.   

And yes, there is new information. In the absence of any other forward moving investigation, Bond, Poole, and Carlin pick up the case where it was supposed to have gone before the witness tampering occurred, and identify new persons of interest, new motives and identify a simple group of suspects who were doing everything they could to cover up what was effectively a “heist job” gone terribly wronga cover up that in Bond’s and Carlin’s opinion covers all relevant events up to and including the most recent attempted murder of former Death Row Records head Marion “Suge” Knight in 2014.

The ghosts of over twenty dead witnesses and participants haunt the pages of “187” with a clear message: in spite of the best efforts of the saboteurs, key, and even new leads, information, and credible witnesses still exist that can grant closure to both infamous homicides; ifand only ifthe right people care enough to put these cases to rest. Those responsible have had a great laugh at the 18 year misdirection, and now that Bond and Carlin lay it out in “187”, the “word on the street” is that no one is laughing anymore, Bond and Carlin are now “snitches” and have had death threats from the camps who have an interest in protecting a secret. A secret worth killing for.

All this comes to light in a way you've NEVER heard before. “Tupac 187: The Red Knight” is a must for anyone interested in True Crime or cares about the iconic rappers’ deaths.

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